Unconstitutional 'Super Committee' Spends Untold Millions over 2 Months to Do… Nothing.

The Republicans on the Super Committee, much to the chagrin of the right-wing base, made a concerted effort to meet the Democrats in the middle and allow nearly Half a Trillion Dollars in ‘Revenue Enhancements’ (Notice how Raising Taxes has been Re-Branded? [Shakespeare was right about Lawyers]) but at the same time they wanted the Democrats to come to the table with Spending Cuts.

They’ve Failed.

Mind you, the committee was unconstitutional from the get go, but if they were going to go through the playact of crafting a great compromise to save the Republic…Democracy…Whatever, at least they could make it believable.

With Trillions of Dollars being wasted on One Government Boondoggle or corrupted, wasteful program after another, the Democrats couldn’t come up with a single meaningful cut.

Not One.

They couldn’t spare a square.

It reminds me of a certain Seinfeld Episode with the Democrats playing the role of Elaine.