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The World’s Sliding Scale of Moral Values

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  1. Yeah, I pray for the Peace of Israel. And I don’t use the Islamic idea of what Peace is. I go by what our meaning of Peace is and that is the defeat of the evil of Islam. That is the only real Peace there can be.

  2. All this allowances of the PLO makes me so mad I can’t see straight!! I just wish that the Israeli’s were given the same allowances that the rest of the Arab’s are given. And the only reason why they are given more than anyone else is because everyone knows how violent Arabs are when they are told “NO”. That is the reason why and that is we all know the PLO would start rocketing Israel if they are told they can’t dig anymore, and not only that but they have to let Israeli archiologists to come in and go through the area that is being planned to be modified before they can do anything. Ohhh, but that would be giving the Israeli’s more rights than the PLO.

    But you know what? This is just like the way liberals treat everyone who they believe needs help.