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The KinderCare Generation

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  1. Michael – What a very appropriate label for the OWS crowd. May I use it in future responses to media reports on the actions of this bunch of spoiled brats???

  2. I don’t want to hear any moral equivilant crap from any damn cops, but…… I wrote my local police chief and argued with him about the relavence of some local law that had to do with the use of a person’s car horn being used for, as was sited in the newspaper, for other purposes than in an emergency. I wrote him a hand written letter and said the law was a stupid law, and that was the reason why there was such a rift between the local police department and the community, and that was the relationship was, it sucked! I told him that when the cops could get their heads out of the butts of those in city hall and start thinking about these idiotic laws like the public does, then maybe they might begin to have a better relationship with the community. Is that clear?

    I said, these laws the city comes up with are stupid and I wasn’t going to obey them. That if the car horn was for emergency only, and you couldn’t use it to wake your brother up so he could come out and go to work, then the manufactor needed to have put a sign or some clear warning that it was to used only for emergencies and for no other reason, like honking at somebody pulling out in front of you on the street. And that I was teaching my son what laws were worth obeying and which ones were to stupid to obey, and how to know the difference.

    The police chief wrote me back and said I was wrong and he disagreed with my feelings about using the horn. He went on to say that more or less that the law was the law and his officers were going to enforce all laws, and that he felt it was wrong for me to be teaching my son to not obey some laws and obey only the one’s I felt were worth obeying.

    I wrote him back and said that as far as wrong laws were concerned, he needed to be teaching his men who the real enemy was in this town and not some guy who was trying to get his brother out of the house so they could go to work. And that the reason why I felt the guy who was honking his horn a couple of times was because the cops come out of the academy looking like Nazi storm troopers instead of officers who were not a threat to anyone except criminals. And what was worse was I felt that he had better make his mind up as to who the real enemy was and it wasn’t the public. It was Muslims like the one’s the FBI had lost track of recently. And if we are attacked again it was going to be much worse than 9-11, and he was going to have to have a much better relationship with the public than the one he had. I told him he had better make up his mind which side he was on, the Communists, Muslims, and radicals who like setting fire to their neighborhoods and other people’s places of business? Or the ordinary person who is stopped each day and the officer gets out of his vehicle with his hand on his weapon and demanding that we put both of our hands out the window so he could see them. And that was for a simple traffic stop for a tail light out or something.

    I told him we were not the enemy. I said we were not a threat to his men. I said we were not to be feared by the cops, and that we were the ones who fear his men because of the way they treated us every time we got stopped. I told him he had better make his mind up which side he was going to be on, theirs and city halls, or the public, because, I said, “You are going to need us more than we need you. You are going to need to be able to depend on the public to back the police department up when the crap hits the fan, more than we need you to back us up.” I said, “We don’t need you, you need us.”

    I didn’t hear back from him. I had it out with the chief of the fire department to about some stupid city ordenances that sounded like they were written for little children rather than responsible adults, that we were able to take care of ourselves and teach our children the same, and wrote me back with the same attitude as the police chief about teaching my kids to disobey the law. I wrote him back to the affect that he must think I don’t know how to control a small fire on my own property and that I couldn’t be responsible.

    This is the problem when you have a police state. And especially one like we have here in America where the cops have all been brain washed into thinking that EVERYONE has the SAME rights. They don’t!!!! A person who is breaking the kind of laws that the protesters are breaking in doing what they are doing using those protest methods they were taught that are just inside of the line that you’d have to cross in order to be violating the law. Professional aggitators have been teaching how to do that since the 60’s, when all that kind of crap use to go on. I see they haven’t changed. You would have thought by now that some form or counter to that door blocking crap would have been thought of by now, but noooooo. We’re to busy going to work, take care of our families and going to church for there to be one single person who had received some kind of training at some time who would know how to break up a blockade like what the protesters were doing.

    Let me tell you people something. If you don’t get some guts and do some civil disobediance on your own against these protesters and stop being so nice, they are going to cause the deaths of tens of thousands of us by using the same methods on us to block some doorway for some terrorists who will turn around and kill everyone standing in the hall or whatever because we were trying to be nice to the protesters, and not get ourselves in trouble, and just wait for the police to do their job. We need to be ready to go up against the cops as well when they show up if they don’t do their job.

    And if we do attack the cops for not doing their job when they show up, what is the difference between us and ther protesters when it is us who get arrested and not the protesters?? What is the difference between us and the protesters when they yell and scream at the cops in their faces and the cops don’t arrest them, why us?? What is the difference?? We are supposed to know better, or we’re supposed to not be talking to the police like that and since it’s us and not dirt bags like the protesters, they feel like they need to make the example out of US and NOT THE PROTESTERS?? WHY???