"Small Business Saturday", Please Don't Become "Buy Local"!

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  • Alex,
    Your diatribe against small businesses seems to be founded in misconceptions. For small businesses provide nearly 70% of the jobs within America. They have given you FEDEX, Apple, Microsoft and even your automobile. For it wasn’t for the small business, you would not have the box stores. Box stores that seem to miss the true need of the individual.

    BTW, because of your federal, state, regional or local government regulations is probably the reason for your police patrol, not because the small businesses have demanded it. The thought of hearing “buy local” has a different concept than the “buy America” in the 90s but we are now in a global market to where small businesses are going to be obsolete.

    And that’s by design. They are considered unsustainable, environment.

  • Oh! Censorship. That’s a new one.