Scholar David Barton vs. Jon Stewart – No Contest

By | November 13, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Scholar David Barton vs. Jon Stewart – No Contest

  1. WillofLa

    Stewart did exactly what all liberals like him are highly trained to do and that is to sidetract, derail, and marginalize your target so that they cannot expose the truth to the people of America so that they can see the light, and so that the importance of the issue of what liberals have done to remove Christian influence on our founding fathers historical impact on our future, and instead of American’s learning the truth, Stewart did exactly what hard core, highly skilled leftist like Stewart are trained to do and that is first he tried to make Mr. Barton confess that even though he is considered the highest expert in the field of our nations history, he is not “expert” in the eye’s of a liberal. And in the eye’s of a liberal you have to have, as Stewart mentioned, that Barton did not have a “Doctorate” in History. In other words Stewart expressed the only thing that all of them recognize as being the only way you can be a “expert” and that is you have to have a PhD in History, be tenured at some Communist University like Columbia or Harvard, have written many books and other paper’s that have been recognized by other so-called, liberal recognized “experts”, and have spent many, many years turning out good little Communists who will go on to be Socialist Democrats in the government in order to continue to shove America over the cliff.

    Barton is more of an expert than anyone Stewart could ever come up with no matter how long he had to research who was who in the world of History. Barton “makes” the text books that all the states to use in teaching our children about the History of our nation, the greatest nation in the world and how we got that way and why. But, see to Stewart that’s not good enough, and the reason why is the next liberal ploy Stewart used on Barton to sidetrack him, derail him, and force him down an alley so that Stewart could get Barton to get himself tangled up in Stewart making him explain all the minute details of all the hair spitting Stewart wants him to do. I know that sounds confusing, but this is a confused ploy liberals use on everyone on our side and that is to force Barton to split hairs and get tangled up in minute details that do nothing but cause confusion. See, that’s how they work, and always have in all the decades I have watched them do what they do.’

    What Stewart wanted to do was try to get Barton to admit that he was “rewriting” the countries history, but from the slanted side of a Christian conservative, instead of explaining our nations history as it actually was, which to a liberal is that there was just as much non Christian people of importance that had as much impact on the history of this nation as some believe Christian’s did, and Stewart’s job from that point on was to get Barton to admit that he was trying to make our children convert to Christianity and then program them to be conservatives so they could turn against liberals and undo all the “good things” that liberalism has done for the people of this country.

    Liberals will not tolerate all their hard work being undone by the likes of a bunch of dopey Christian fanatic’s who think our history was written to favor only White Christian conservatives who want all Blacks in the cotton fields, Jews to run all the banks, and all Corporations getting all the money and give none to all “the people who’ve done all the hard work building all the highways, roads, and streets, are the cops who keep them safe, and have been the only one’s who paid for it all.” Isn’t that what that leftist Socialist Elizabeth Warren who believes like Stewart, that no conservative is expert in anything but trying to undo what liberals believe IS America’s history, as THEY REWROTE IT IN THE 70’S, and they aren’t going to let anyone mess things up.