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Saudi Preacher Urges Arabs to Manufacture Nuclear Weapons

“Power Is the Source of All Stature and Grandeur”; One Tank Is Better than a Thousand Poems

Prominent Saudi Preacher Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni wrote a article in which he speaks of the West’s stockpiling of weapons and waging war while telling others to be peaceful. Al-Qarni wrote “How can the West wage jihad but prohibit us Muslims from doing so?” and “The West warns us against acts of aggression and acquiring weapons, whilst it launches attacks and stockpiles arms day and night.”  He urges Arab nation to manufacture nuclear weapons because the only to gain respect is through power. Al-Qarni calls for cultural museums to converted into plants for the purpose of manufacturing “tanks, rocket-launchers, missiles, satellites, and submarines, so that the world comes to respect us, hear our voice, and appreciate our status. The world is governed by the law of the strong.”

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  1. I guess Dr. Aidh Al-Qarni has never heard of “peace through strength.”