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Sarkozy and Obama deride Netanyahu

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  1. Israel’s Prime Minister knows who his friends are, and they are many of the American people, and possibly some of the French people, and many others across the world. God knows who His people’s friends are, and He knows who His chosen people’s enemies are as well. And those who hate Israel really hate the Jewish people, and use words like Zion to describe the Jewish people, and Israel. The Holy Bible says, “When all eyes are on Israel, the end is near.” We may very well be very close to the end of this time period before Christ returns for the Second time, or The Second Coming. It’s called that because He came once as a lowly carpenter, and was lifted up on a cross to die for the sins of man. His Second Coming will be in glory and fire. But that will be a time in the worlds history where the Jewish people will suffer like they have never suffered before. And you wouldn’t think it would be for all the suffering they’ve already been through, like what they are going to go through is going to be worse? Yes, but it will also be their most wonderful time in their history as well because the old Saints will walk amoung them to testify to them to prepare for the coming of Christ The Savior.

    We all may be around, though we will be suffering more than the Jews IF we don’t get rid of the evil that has taken this nation over, throw it out and prepare our nation for the things that have to come to pass before Christs coming to take up His church first, then after the feast, His time to return in Glory with the Saints. We may be alive to see all of this. It will be wonderful, and scary as hell at the same time. Obama is the preparer of evil that has taken over this nation, and we really need to wake the hell up and see him for what he is. He isn’t the anti-Christ, but he is the one who will prepare the way for him, if, that is IF we don’t do something about it first. And that is to put a stop to his preparations. Tonights vote in Ohio is not going to help any because the people got scared of the propagandists who were trying to frieghten them into believeing that their houses would burn down because no one would want to work in a state that didn’t pay well, and there wouldn’t be any firemen. What a load of crap!! But to late now.

    American’s, you are going to have to do a much better job than that!! You cannot be afraid of the threats of the unions. They are liars, and they just cheated Ohioan’s out of freedom that the people deserve by voting to keep unions demanding higher pay from higher taxes. How do the people of Ohio think the unions get their money??

  2. Those two idiots. I wouldn’t give two cents for either one of their opinions about Israel, especially since France was one of the countries besides Israel who sold weapons to Saddam Hussein. And France was the only country besides Germany who sold nuke components to Iraq, Iran, and Syria. France and Germany who were both enemies during WWII were also enemies with Muslims during WWII, but France doesn’t remember why they don’t speak German or Farsi now, and was due to our coming in and saving France’s butt. But after decades of having Communists run the country and finally threw them out, still loves being dominated by some more powerful country. I don’t wonder why since France is so perverted and sick, they don’t really care who runs Europe so long as France gets to continue to spread AIDS throughout their country.

    Obama just needs to have the hell beat out of him for turning his back on God’s chosen people. And what is he going to say about Israel when he is staring God in the face when He comes and destroys Israel’s enemies. And He may not stop in the Middle East either. He may come over here and take care of Obama, and everyone who hates the Jews and Israel, and favors Israels enemies as their friends I hope will pay dearly with having their souls ripped out of their bodies with God’s own hand!!!

  3. Both Antisemite, ass-lifters need to GO! There is no room in politics for Western Civilzation Leaders who refuse to Stand With Israel against the terrorizing Arab UN and other Jihadi countries.
    No, actually I won’t be PC. I agree w/ the previous poster. Bibi has too much class to let clowns bring him down.
    And thank you, CDN for reporting the TRUTH. We certainly wouldn’t have heard this from MSM.

  4. I wouldn’t give 2 cents of credibility to either one of those 2 moronic bozo’s..  France hadn’t won a war since Napoleon, and Obama is biggest Presidential failure in modern history.. and his day of being kicked out, is coming in 12 months..  and if anyone asked PM Netanyahu what he  thought about those 2 bozo’s,  he would be already laughing..