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Racial Hypocrisy Is Alive and Well in America

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  1. Fact – “Watts stated he did not speak about Barry and Jackson but about “some of the leadership in the black community”.

    • Factchecker. that was the walke-back position. I watched the speech from the floor of the House, I know what he said. Jesse Jackson Jr. had a cow so Watts did some backtracking. that doesn’t change the original statement to me.

  2. Every single liberal social program has failed to do what it was said it would do. And the worse part is we are still paying the taxes for a failed program because to kill that program would be “racist”, according to the Democrats. Whether that program was doing anything at all anyway is of no concern to a Democrat. All they want is to keep Whites indebted to Blacks to keep their guilt up. And it’s because if White people stop being made to feel guilty about things they never did, or attitudes they never had, they may start thinking why are they paying taxes for something that was never needed. Democrats couldn’t handle that because Blacks might find out that the money and other help the Democrats promised them wasn’t doing a damn thing for them, Blacks might start leaving the Democrat Party or voting against Democrats. It’s a scam, and always has been that Whites were responsible for the life choices of most Blacks. It’s a lie that Democrats promoted and propagated so that no one would find out the truth.

    Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act because it gave Blacks the right to apply for jobs, education, housing, and normal stuff like being able to sit in a bus anywhere they wanted. And you would have thought that those things would have been exactly what the Black people wanted, and liberals believed Blacks deserved. But if all those things came to pass, Blacks would become just like everyone else and you wouldn’t be able to tell them from anyone else. And what was worse for the Democrats was most American’s weren’t supportive of Democrat rule so Democrats had to come up with some segment of our society that they could always depend on for votes. Socialists and Communists in the Democrat Party, yeah, that’s right, those are the people who have converted the Democrat Party that used to be “the Party that cared about the little man”. Those are the people who have taken over the Democrat Party before WWII. When McCarthy went after them, they were already deeply inside the Democrat Party. Why? Because of liberals, and liberalism that most of those in the Democrat Party believed in.

    It’s just to bad that American’s who are still in the Democrat Party truely believe that it is like it used to be when it was known as the party of the little man. Well, that’s a discreminating statement right there. Who wants to be considered a “little man”? I wouldn’t. It’s disrespectful, and denigrating. I’m not a little man and neither are Black people. They never needed any help and neither do illegal Mexican aliens. They have taken the place of Blacks in the mind of Democrats because so many Blacks have woke up and realized what the Party has become and have left the Party and joined the Republican Party when they started working and found out the lies the Democrats have been telling them all these years. Why when they started working? It’s because they had to start paying all the taxes the Democrats have passed on working people to pay for Blacks to stay on Welfare and Food Stamps. Blacks didn’t want to pay those taxes anymore and have helped vote those Democrats out of office.

  3. But who is it that is clear to see, has been the most racist, discreminating, race baiting people in the whole wide country? Democrats!! Every single social and domestic spending program they have passed into law has been a huge wealth redistribution program to shift money, paid in heavy taxation, and shirft possessions from Whites to Blacks. Whites were driven out of their neighborhoods by the Fair Housing Act which was unconstitutional because it’s a law that tells private individuals what and who they have to sell their houses they own, to. Blacks can move into White neighborhoods that have been White sancuaries for generations. Whole formerly White neighborhoods now are war zones where when they were White were the most crime free places in the country. Blacks have been given unconstitutional opportunities to bid on contracts by Democrats who believed they were being more “fair” to Blacks because Blacks complained they weren’t being treated fairly when it came to being able to get lucrative state contracts that seemed to be going only to White contractors who’d done work for the state all the time. And when all the corruption was seen at the end of the contract we got to see what went on between crooked Black contractors and state Democrats to fleece money from taxpayers.

    We have seen more discremination and racism by Democrats for decades than anything that Whites havd ever done. Who was it that passed the Civil Rights Act at the stiff opposition from Democrats, who didn’t want to loose their voter base if Blacks could all get jobs after the act was law? Democrats downplay this fact. But the Civil Rights Act was unconstitutional anyway because the Constitution guarantees that there won’t be any discremination from anyone in the dispencing of justice. All that had to be done to solve a lot of what we were being told was the problems most Blacks were experiencing was to enforce the Constitution when it came to job application, that if the man was qualified, he got the job regardless of color. And, if Blacks wanted to go to the established education system they could test to get into these schools that were keeping Blacks out. If they passed the test, they got in. And if a Black had been thrifty and worked and saved their money and a house had been bought by a realestate business and was for sale, and the Black qualified to take out the loan for it, and met all the other criteria, they got the house whether it was in a White neighborhood or not. But if a house was being sold by the owner of the house, they could not be forced to sell it to a Black just because there were no Blacks in that neighborhood.

    Democrats believe all that they have done for Blacks was neccessary because they had been kept down for so long they just needed more help than other races of people. Does that sound racist to you? It does to me. Why is it just Blacks who need more help than any other races of people. Blacks have taken care of themselves perfectly well for generations and were more able to take care of themselves than most people. It’s because they had to take care of themselves since they had been here and couldn’t rely on anyone else but their own kind. So they have been self reliant more than most. So why was it that White liberals thought Blacks needed so much more help than other races of people in this country? That alone is racist. White conservatives have always known that Blacks were able to take care of themselves. We didn’t need White liberals to tell us to give Blacks our money to take care of a people who were capable to take care of themselves.

  4. I’m not even going to bother reading all that stuff. I already know why the word “racism” is still in our lexicon and is more in the forefront of the news and what seems to be on everybodies mind today, is there. It’s because of the liberals and Socialist Democrats haven’t got White people to spend all the money they have, and have given up everything they’ve got like their jobs. over to Blacks so that the liberals can finish the job they started back in the late 40’s to reverse the places of Whites and Blacks in our society so that White people can see what it’s like to be slaves and have nothing. The liberals were so “offended” by what they perceived had been done to Blacks by racist Whites ever since Blacks came to America as slaves, were sold to White plantation owners and farmers, that these White Northeastern liberals who never even had known a Black person decided to come down South to free their “Black brothers” from enslavement and racism. The stories of the “po’ Black man” being beaten to an inch of his life because he looked at a White woman was good for newspaper sales and dime novels of the time. In other words it made for good copy.

    It’s been the liberal Democrats, who are now are better described as the Socialist Democrat Party, have been the one’s who have made the laws to “give help and support” to the “po’ Black man” so that they could keep them poor and voting for Democrats by keeping the fires of hatred and racism on the part of Blacks fanned and stirred well enough to make sure that one: Blacks keep voting for Democrats because they are the only one’s who’ve ever helped them have a better life for themselves, and two: make sure White people are kept adequately guilty feeling for how Black people were treated by a microscopic few way back over a hundred years ago, and some during the Civil Rights marches, that Whites wouldn’t ever oppose any amounts of money or freedoms, rights or liberties taken from them more and more over time that they would never be able to stop the thieft of trillions of tax payers money to take care of a people who were fully capable of taking care of themselves. Democrats to day are ready to drop the race card on anyone who even thinks they can kill off some of these wasteful spending programs Democrats cooked up decades ago to shift wealth from Whites to Blacks, and enslave Whites to having to take care of Blacks all of their lives and never be out from under the heavy taxation as payment for mistreating these poor, defenceless people.

    Yeah, like liberals are so caring and feeling for the plight of the Black people that they just couldn’t stand White people mistreating them. So liberals decided that White people were going to pay repairations to Blacks forever!!