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Put Me In Charge

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  1. I hope you are lucky in life …. Sometimes things happen to good people…Don’t judge … i feel fortunate to be able to help without judgment.. God help us to love and not to hate.

  2. I am the author of this letter to the editor at the waco Tribune and the last paragraph about voting is not mine.

    • Thank You for “your” honesty & “your” words..
      Sounds like you’re not a woman either…I also got ‘the’ letter as shown above last year & just this past week….& loved it to include the last paragraph…BUT the fact remains that yet again, an informed & well intended effort has been compremised by the press. I, too, have had letters altered. A word added or omitted can change the entire meaning. I contacted the paper & was told it was “space” or charcter limits” Now I preface “if changes are needed, do not print’ But I suspect in your case it was an individual that “wished they had thought of this” wanted to imulate your thinking. Understandable it it (might) be…It IS STEALING of the worst kind….I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts & ideas, as they most certainly resonated truth & agreement in our house.

      P.S. This should alert everyone to view with caution what they read, particulary if accompained by “if you have the guts”

    • I found you letter stil on file by googling Waco Trib site…well done