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"progressives" Revise History…Again

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  1. Does any one remember the U.S.S.R?To me Obama sounds like one of their leaders when they were a power and in the cold war.The progressives are Marxist and they want state control of everything.Look at Fanny and Fredy as well as G.M. and Chrysler.They are the start of that kind of movement.Look at the government debt and the failure that the Congress and our pres. don’t want to fix.Soon the debt will get so large that we will have to give the federal government our homes and businesses to try to pay for the debt.soon we all will eat dog food if America doesn’t wake up.

  2. True, and they can keep up believing the myth they created concerning the 2010 landslide. The coming 2012 landslide, with Cater-esque characteristics, should be enough to bury their talking heads.