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Occupy Wall St. Attempts to Take Over NYSE .. Again [live video]

Today is the Occupy Wall Street’s second attempt to take over the New York Stock Exchange. So far, the second attempt is going exactly like the first.

At 9:30am the markets opened as they do every non-holiday weekday, the bell rang and trading began while hundreds, some chanting in Spanish, stood on sidewalks outside.

At about 10:30 the crowd grew tired of standing around at Wall St. and Pine so they marched to Zucotti park. The Police allowed them into the park.

After an hour at Zucotti Park, the crowd decided to re-march on Wall St.

Before 3pm the protesters headed for Union square to join with Union protesters and students that were upset about tuition hikes and being held responsible for the student loan debt they chose to take on.

At 3:45pm the Union square protesters fanned out to take over subway stops across all five boroughs in New York.

Here are the streams:

Click on the small play button in the left bottom corner of the viewers to watch the stream without being taken to another site – this will allow you to watch multiple streams at once.

Stream 1: Occupy Unity:


Stream2: CBS News

Stream 3: OWS Independed Media:

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Stream 4: The other 99

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