November 9th Republican Presidential Candidate Debate [full video]

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  • Any time you tune in to more than half the call-in shows, all of them are continually pushing precious metals as a stop gap measure to the turmoil. But, my past experience is the sales people never cease phoning and bothering you,plus the margin is pretty lousy unless you go to a neighborhood coin shop.

  • I do know what you mean about the economic climate. This inflation is bad enough and we figure it’ll probably exacerbate. sigh.

  • As well, why can’t the candidates look at the morality of candidate Cain in his obviously proven attempts to use his position to approach women in inappropriate ways. They still bring up similar issues when it comes to Democrats (e.g. Bill Clinton) and their issues of morality. It seems to me that they need to offer their comments on Cain. It can’t be just one way. What is allowed for one candidate (Cain) must be allowed for any other candidate of any party. I have not heard one candidate admit that there are some things that Obama has done right. Come on, we all know that he has done some things right.

    • Obvious? Really, Jimmy? Really? You have a little nugget of info that we don’t have? Just because someone or someone’s trot out in front of cameras and says, “Cain did this” doesn’t make it true.

      On the other hand with Clinton. THE DRESS, THE DNA and the lie UNDER OATH – a sitting President lying under oath, with a track record of womanizing…

      Produce the body, or shut up about Cain

    • what things do you feel Obama has done right?

  • Why can’t any of the candidates admit that the economic problems and the regulations surrounding the EPA and others did not start with “this President?” The Republican party has a real sense of forgetting what their platforms have done wrong in the past when they were in charge.