New Mitt Romney Ad: Vote For Me; I'm All You Got

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  • prayingmom4Newt

    The primaries are not over. Voters still have a voice in 14 states! Don’t let the RNC & Romney speak 4 you! VOTE Newt May 8. Newt is still on the ballot in your states! VOTE Newt 2DAY 2 stand 4 American Freedom, Ingenuity, Faith!
    RNC wants GOP voters 2 shut up & swallow Romney medicine. Let’s show’em we won’t be forcefed. VOTE #NEWT on May8 #NorthCarolina #Indiana #WestVirginia

  • Mitt has my vote!

  • The United States cannot afford to elect yet another bought and paid for puppet.

    Vote for Ron Paul.

  • I don’t blame you for voting for Ron Paul in the primary, because we should all feel free to vote with our convictions, but *if* Romney wins the Primary, I sincerely hope you will vote for him in the general election against Obama.

  • Why is a quasi-socialist all I’ve got? As for me this time around I’m voting for Ron Paul.