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Nancy Pelosi Opens Her Mouth – Again

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  1. It’s to bad that the reporter who asked you those good questions about your investments in some big credit card corporation just before you put the whammy on them but after you got all your money out of them. I get the details straigtened out in the next couple of days, but what I wish he had asked her was, “Speaker(what a joke)Pelosi, would you please tell the American people what party you really belong to?” She would say something dumb like she said today, “What’s your point?” He would come back, “Well, you know how you have told the American people, and have run under this party for so long, but some time ago you changed parties to…what Speaker Pelosi??” She would say, “I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at here. What difference does it make, everyone knows what Party I belong to, and that’s all I have to say about that.” The reporter would continue to ask her the same question, “But Madame Speaker, we have believed in the Democrat Party for so long but when I heard some news here lately, I was rather shocked, what Party is that you now belong to Speaker, would you please tell the American people now and where we can hear you clearly?”

    At about that time she would get that wild bug eyed look on her face and you know she hates your guts and wishes she could kill you or order you beaten to death right where you were standing. But the reporter persisted, ” Would you please tell the American people what Party do you belong to so that the next time you run they will know under which Party symbol to look for your name since I doubt you should be putting your name under the old Democrat Party symbol, so what should they be looking for Speaker Pelosi??” About that time she would come unglued and explode on stage from the build up of steam that was coming out of her ears!!, Ha, ha, ha. “Everyone knows, Ms. Speaker, that you do not belong to the Democrat Party anymore, you are a member of the Socialist Democratic Party USA now, aren’t you, you traitor!!!”

  2. Hey dumb idiot Pelosi, the unemployment rate is 18%-20% and has been for the better part of this year and part of last year!! You are so stupid, dumb, stoned on dope for whatever ails you that you got from you Hollywood dope dealing doctor who did all your skin stretchings. You can’t imagine how much I can’t stand your guts!! You alone have done more damage to this country that there is no comparison to all the singular handed Democrats who’ve served in office since Roosevelt before WWII. You alone have been the most destructive force in our government that I just can’t wait to get rid of you long before this term is up you are presently serving. If this new President had any guts I would want them to force you to resign, in lew of going to jail for your crimes against this nation. I hate your guts!!!