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MSM Ignores Latest Solyndra Scandal

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  1. Well, this is Dec. 11 and all of a sudden we see not a peep from the MSM on Solyndra anymore. I know it’s being investigated and all but you recon Obama has put the clamps on what the media is saying about it to keep it out of the minds of the people? I know that is something the Democrats do and is part of their motis operindi in how they cover their butts in keeping the people from finding out what they are doing. Especially when they are constantly committing crimes against the people and the Constitution they don’t want us to know about. Obama is no different.

  2. Obama administration officials are being asked “Why did you give money to a company that you knew was going to fail?” And the brainy answer? “Because we were concerned that if we didn’t, they would fail.” What a dummy!! NO, the right answer really was “We were protecting Obama’s butt!! He had just given a big speech at the Solyndra plant saying this was a great company, and that this was the jobs of the future!” Yeah, and if you didn’t go ahead and give Kaiser 534 million dollars that would have saved that company? Right! No, you idiot, that’s just it, Obama knew they were going broke, that’s the reason why he made sure Kaiser got the money that Obama knows he will get in back into his campaign coffer’s. And if Obama didn’t lie to the public about the condition of his friends company, and that was the other reason why Obama’s administration gave Solyndra the money was because they knew they were Obama’s friends and it would have made Obama mad if they didn’t give them the money, was also because Obama had already promised Kaiser the money.

    Ohhhh, it’s a evil web that we weave. These liar’s need to go to jail. But none of the Securities and Exchange Commission had to go to jail, and they were who were supposed to be determining if Freddie/Fannie were in sound financial footing in order to get the tens of millions they got. And you see what happened to them. They weren’t in sound condition, but in the case of Solyndra everyone in the Obama administration knew they were about to go bankrupt. What did they think was going to happen to them if they gave them this money and they DID go bankrupt? Did this guy who was testifying today think that giving them the money was going to prevent Solyndra from going bankrupt? They had already made the deal with China to make the solar panels for them, and didn’t need that expensive manufacturing plant by the time they got the money. Obama knew this, and everyone was protecting his *ss.

    And that is the story of Obama’s life!! He has never had to suffer defeat, or the consequences of his actions. He has always had somebody covering for him. That’s why I say, Obama is going to cheat big time in order to get back into the White House and everyone is going into overdrive to protect his Presidency and make sure as few people find out about how they plan on doing it!!