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Moveon.org Takes Credit for Dodd-Frank Consequences

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  1. Another thing that changing the bank you are doing business with will do is not going to hurt the big banks anyway, because most of your banks are owned by major banks. Where do these fools think their local banks get their money? Many times a day money goes from major banks to smaller banks. Banks buy and sell money back and forth to each other, especially if they are Federal Reserve banks who are in the Federal Reserve Guaranty banks who are protected by the insurance against loss up to $200,000 per customer account.

    Taking your money from a big Wall Street bank really doesn’t do much since our economy is a dynamic economy where money is moving around all the time. Besides that, how many of these losers in the Occupy Wall Street gangs have any money to put even in a local bank let alone a Wall Street bank. These losers don’t even have a job so how could they pull any money from anywhere except out of their pocket to give to a homeless guy. And in New York the Occupier’s don’t even have to worry about pulling their money out because it’s being stolen faster than they can put it in or take it out of any bank. Ha, ha.

    Keep up the stupid crap Obama MoveOn.org.