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More Obstructionism from Obama's Senate Democrats

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  1. I have been asking this question for years, and the only answer I keep getting from my representatives is “This is the way it is.”. Well, hell, that’s the problem. I want my representatives to write a bill to give the constituents the authority to recall not only Congressman and Senator’s, but to be able to demand Senate re-review of Supreme Court Justices, and political appointments to Dept.’s that could have a direct negative impact on our lives like, so long as this Dept. lasts because it could be gone or severly cut back soon, the EPA, the head of the Banking Rules Committee which is lead now by Barney Frank, the Education Dept., the Food and Drug Administration, and another one as long as it lasts because it could be gone in this next election as well because it is run by the enemies of this nation like CAIR and the Foreign Affairs Commission which is controled by the U.N..

    I want the authority to challenge the appointment of any person by the President like Janet Napolitano who is standing with Obama and Senator Richard Durbin in allowing our immigration laws to be ignored. I want the authority to challenge any appointment of the President like who is over the EPA that Obama has given the power to shut down one business after another until all our businesses are ruined, and Socialist control over our natural resources. Another Dept. I want to challenge is the Energy Dept. because they will not allow us to access our oil and gas reserves.

    And the only reason why I feel this way is we have a Marxist for a so-called President. He is not my President, and that opinion is not just because I didn’t vote for him. That opinion is because this man is not a natural born citizen to this nation, under the Constitution his father and mother must have been natural born citizen’s and his father was Kenyian. For you people who don’t believe “birther’s” have an arguement, the Constitution says BOTH parents must be natural born in order to produce a natural born citizen child who grows up to run for President. And the reason why our forefathers put that in there is because they wanted to protect the American blood line and make sure that you are genetically fit to be a American citizen. This is a fact that people who don’t have in their blood line the genetic’s from living under freedom are different people, as we see in Obama. It’s funny we don’t see that in anyone else. But we see it in him. He’s much more like someone who is not from this country and does not have the same asperations as the rest of us, nor does he have the belief we should be more protective of this country.