LETHAL CR Gas Killing Protesters in Egypt

By | November 23, 2011

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0 thoughts on “LETHAL CR Gas Killing Protesters in Egypt

  1. Anonymous

    WHOAAAA, weather someone likes it or not, it is their right to protest according to the last time i looked at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Hmmmm but you know what, i am wrong. I do believe that 99% of the protests are being held in the “CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE” WOW. Imagine that. So looking at the map of the “CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE” are 99% of the population under a new government? I have searched and cannot find the LAWS for that zone other then that is is RULED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. What did they do with the CONSTITUTION. OH, I remember, its just a dam piece of paper. A president told us that!!!