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0 thoughts on “Inconvenient Occupant

  1. Corkie Taylor

    Inconvenient Occupant is right on! LMAO!
    God has a way of making things happen just at the right time sometimes!
    Love this toon Tony! Hilarioius!

  2. Timothy Bair

    “Occupation” at one time meant what one did for a living. Today it’s what one does to get more free stuff from those with one.

      1. Roberto

        Yes I thank God for making it too cold for these people. It is shameful that these things are legal. No one should be allowed to protest like this, it is against the constitution and what our forefathers wanted. Why punish wall street bankers? THEY are not the reason the economy is the way it is. All of the unemployed PROTESTERS are to blame.

  3. Just Ed

    You know, with the way things have been going lately, all the violence, lack of facilities and consumables, maybe they’ll wind up eating themselves. PROBLEM SOLVED!!