Huffington Post Writer Wants To Do Away With 2nd Amendment

By | November 7, 2011

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5 thoughts on “Huffington Post Writer Wants To Do Away With 2nd Amendment

  1. Milord

    What a poorly written screed. The masthead banner reads “Conservative Daily News.” Talk about false advertising! It is neither conservative nor is it news. It is commentary; not reporting. Does this author even consider getting the facts before commenting. Alex Wagner is a woman.

    1. Don Hays

      No one says it is reporting. If you bothered to read Warren’s tagline at the end, you would know that. Plus the fact it is categorized in the OPINION category!!!

      And don’t be sexist…

  2. Jim Kimmons

    How does Alex Wagner breathe with his head stuck…so far in the sand?

    1. Jim Kimmons

      Sorry, watched the video, so it’s her head in the sand.

  3. Lil Nana

    I don’t think any part of our Constitution should be abolished !! The second amendment protects us in event that we are faced with protecting our very lives and that should be the right all over the world !! There will always be the bad seeds of the world who will be armed so we must have this right !! We have a terrorist generation in other countries who are commanded and taught from day one to cut your head off if you won’t follow their religion for goodness sake !! Taking away the second amendment would be crazy !! I will fight to keep the twisted poliiticians from taking our freedom away and re-writing our constitution !!

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