Herman Cain Releases Statement About Anonymous Accusers

By | November 7, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Herman Cain Releases Statement About Anonymous Accusers

  1. Lil Nana

    I think Herman hit the nail on the head here !! He is exactally right about it being trivial and ridiculous when our Nation is closer to going down the tubes then ever before ( thanks to the Obama administration ) !! Good for him sticking on track !! Herman just out smarted the media and the left wing thugs as far as I can see !! If any of this trash was true why did they wait until he was at the top to accuse him ? The answer to that is simple they were paid to do it by the Obama administration just like they paid the Wall street protesters !! We have a street thug for a president with X criminals helping him !! Vote this traitor out along with his Czars !! America will heal and our children will once again have a future !!