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0 thoughts on “Herman Cain's Libya Gaffe: Let's Examine The Video

  1. AiPolitics

    Wow, I haven’t even read all the comments yet. You guys were really overachievers. (Facebook was busy too)

    1. Karen Nardella

      Two rules for commenting on big, deep topics
      1) On your honor, please do not comment in response to anything based on not reading or watching entire pieces of information. This Means unless you have actually read or watch a piece in it’s entirety, then you know very little and your views are based on a unknowing bias. It’s a little off-putting to respond to those that choose to not educate themselves before posting rediculous comments. If you can not find the time to read, watch, explore and educated yourself on what is Actually being said then it will be harder for people with knowledge to respond to your rants and silliness. Just sayin. I know some of the pieces are a little long, and big words are sometimes used, but it is worth being informed on this most crucial choice that is before us as a nation. It is your right to be informed, so please do so.

      2) Don’t. Get. Nasty. We are in this together. Emotions are naturally going to run high, but don’t be insulting, rude, or personal. You are ENCOURAGED to make a strong case for whichever candidate you favor. I also love a robust debate, but let’s not have a bloody civil war. Show the world you have a brain and choose to utilize it by seeking truth on your own by reading and researching important topics and issues and views. Be a good person and don’t speak without doing the previous, otherwise you could throw up on yourself.

      Now for your information and edification … please review number 2.

  2. Julie

    I think it’s early for him and he was just trying to figure out what this reporter was really asking. The question is as general as it could be. I don’t care about this at all. It’s nothing, just something else for the terrified left to try to use that has nothing to it. At least he knows there are only 50 states in the US (as opposed to Obama’s 57)…..LOL… oh yeah, did anyone just see Obama calling Hawaii Asia in the latest Obama gaff? No probably not, the media worships him, luckily the media doesn’t cast everyone’s vote. :) Cain in 2012!!

  3. Casey

    When he got going, he answered fine…the media once again, selectively choosing clips to create a narrative. The only thing I would have added to his answer is “Why are we involved in the first place?” when going through questions that he’d need answered.

    And I think I know why it happened! Anyone notice his tie color?!? He wasnt wearing the gold tie!!!

  4. Brad

    Agreed, it was not a big deal — “gaffe” is even a stretch. Ultimately, his answer was substantively spot on.

    Besides, does anyone remember this?

    Anything to make a conservative — especially a woman or minority conservative — look stupid.

  5. Pam

    Thank you for taking the time to write the article. I haven’t seen the entire video, but could tell that the parts shown on the news were edited to make Mr. Cain look bad. I hope more people will start realizing that the media is doing everything they can do to slow down his campaign.

    How well would our current president have done with a similar question before he was elected? Heck, how well would he do now without the use of his handy-dandy teleprompter?

  6. Tommy

    Cain has a history of clueless and uninformed statements on a wide range of issues, so any excuse given for even more of them is lost on me. If he isn’t prepared to do an interview? Don’t do it.

  7. Stix

    I agree. it is not the train wreck everyone is making it out to be. And if you ask me what I disagree with on the WON’s Libyan strategy, it would be hard, because I have no clue what his policy is. He never explained it.

  8. Mermaid2

    I agree. He looks and sounds like he was not awake and had not had his breakfast (or coffee?) yet. It is not any worse than Perry’s bain cramp, really. Morning brain cramps involve having to get past that whole ‘I’m still asleep’ fog.

    Not as big of a deal as people and the media are going to make of it.