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0 thoughts on “Donald Trump Plays The Race Card So Hard He Nearly Breaks His Hand

  1. Anonymous

    I saw the video, and the “kidnapping the Lindbergh baby” thing was not racist at all. I don’t know why Trump went there.

  2. arlenearmy

    Trump is going nuts on this one. And yes he’s playing the race card, but it don’t sou d genuine.

    Where was Trump when Cain called blacks brainwashed?
    Where was Trump when Cain preached the electrocution of Mexicsns?

    Btw, Cain claimed the electric fence was a joke. Oh.. I forgot… Jokes are done by comedians.. Ah… Wait, Cain is runni g for Comander in Chief… Or is it comedian in chief? He needs to make up his mind.

    Point I’m making is this – Cain is allowed to make a joke, but all of sudden a real comedian like Stewart is asked to get the boot for cracking jokes.