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D.A.M. Attacks Newt As He Surges Towards the Lead in GOP Presidential Race

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  1. DJ Redman says:

    I certainly could not agree more Tom. Ever notice how there are thousands of politicians caught stealing tax dollars, shuffling them to friends and relatives, and very few criminal charges are pressed? Take their stolen tax dollars, every dime they got since being elected and make them do hard time! That’s the only way we will prevent the next-gen politicians from doing that kind of stuff.

  2. Tom Lewis says:

    “Throw them all out”, a newly release book, about how the federal politicians have been stealing money from the American people since the onset of the Obama Adminstration. Voting is a right given citizens every two years. Arresting these politicians needs to begin NOW! Your children and mine are being left to pay for the mess that is now being revealed. A natiotional organizing of Tea Party Members to establish a core group of legal personnel needs be created NOW! Voting is not enough. You are being robbed of our national wealth as we sleep, primarily by the Democrate Party.