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Creepy Video Of The Day Courtesy Of Occupy Wall Street

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  1. Gotta love Ralph!! His last line cracked me up! It’s a pathetic Congress that doesn’t recognise ANARCHY. Planned by Van Jones, Steve Lerner, Trumpka and funded by Soros. There is no MESSAGE and never was unless throw the government over communist style counts. Our President is complisant by his silence. They ARE his friends and supporters. This is going to get a lot more violent right up to the election. We won’t recognise America. Better support your 2nd amendment rights. The Republic is moribund and democracy is disintigrating. Have you noticed that C.A.I.R has the President’s and DHS ear? Jews and Christians don’t. C.A.I.R is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. If Obama is re-elected it will be SUCKS TO BE US!!!!

  2. That was creeptastic.

    I hope he smacked that dude with his umbrella when the camera went off of him.