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2 thoughts on “Bill Schulz Finds Cigarettes For $3.00 A Pack

  1. Roll Your Own Cigarettes

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  2. WillofLa

    Many years ago when I was poor, well poorer than I am now, there used to be this tobacco you could buy in a can. With it were some rolling papers and a littel machine with a booklet of instructions. The device was for rolling your own cigarettes with the little machine. You’d sprinkle some tobacco into the paper and lick the edge and turn the little handle on one side of the littel machine and the paper, tobacco would disappear into the little machine. The name of this tobacco was Lareado. You’d turn the little handle and…shazam!… a cigarette would roll out of the other end of the little machine. I always thought that was so cool. You could take a empty pack of cigs and roll up twenty or so and you’d look like you had a store bought pack of cigs.

    They may still make this cigarette making kit, and if they don’t then somebody needs to call somebody and find out if the patent has run out and if it has, or you can get permission from the company who made Loreado cigarettes and see if they would let you make the little machine for sale, yourself. With the economy like it is, if you still aren’t kidding yourself and thinking you’ll be able to quit and won’t feel a thing, like one day you smoke, and the next day you don’t, when I’ve read testimonials from Heroin addicts who said it was harder to get off of cigarettes easier than it was to get off of Heroin. So just look for some cheap cigs, or make your own.

    But three dollars a pack equivilant is not so hot if your ask me. That’s still to high. I thought I’d be able to quit once they got to two dollars a pack, but I was kidding myself. I have kept up no matter what the price. So am I looking for a cheaper way to buy cigarettes. And under three dollars a pack is what I’m talking about.

    So Loreado’s here I come!!

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