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Bigot or Not? I Say Not: The Hypocrisy of “Tolerance”

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  1. I want to let you know my displeasure with this piece as a whole, but I want to point this out in particular:

    “I am also a Christian who believes homosexuality or heterosexual relations outside of marriage to be wrong. Does being against heterosexual couples living together and engaging in sexual activity outside of marriage make me a bigot also? What does one call that bigotry, heterophobia? Do Christians not have a right to live according to their firmly held religious beliefs? We are certainly expected, by Muslims and many judges and politicians, to allow Muslims to practice their religious beliefs and customs, even the parts that call for stoning of adulterers or honor killings.”

    First off, does the woman who owns the bakery who has her convictions ask all hetersexual couples who want a wedding cake if they live together? I would bet probably not. Does that make her a hypocrite? And no, you would not call being against couples living together heterophobia, you simply call it being from the stone age. Indeed you do have a right to live by your beliefs. What you do not do not do not have the right to do is impose those beliefs on others. Did the lesbian couple who wanted a wedding cake then instruct the baker to become a lesbian herself? Did they tell her to leave her church? Sir, if someone refused you service based on your Christian beliefs, I do think you would make your displeasure known, and not simply take your business elsewhere. How do I know this? You have a platform to address your grievances. This baker seems stunned that this couple made their grievances known.

    As for stoning adulterers and honor killings…if that happens in the US, it is punished. You lose nothing by allowing other groups to behave according to their culture. Please don’t play martyr. It makes you look stupid, and I’m sure you are not.

    As for the boycott only stopping people that Ms. Childress wouldn’t make a cake for…you do realize that lots of heterosexual people believe that gay marriage should be legal, right? And most of those people are of marrying age. I don’t hope this woman has to fold up shop. I do hope she becomes a Christian that doesn’t define herself by how much she thinks gay people give her cooties.

  2. What a load of nonsense. If there was a report about a Christian being refused service based on their religion, this website and a billion other conservative voices, including Fox News, would be going absolutely banana sandwich talking about discrimination, the oft-used and never not ridiculous “war on Christians” and whatever other delusional statements perpetuate Repub’s sense of victim-hood.