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0 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: North Korea vs South Korea

  1. WillofLa

    I’ve heard of this but had never seen the actual photo. I can’t believe that there is NO light coming from the North. What about their major cities? What about North Korean military built up areas? I have seen the photo of the United States and it looks like South Korea. So, you can’t turn your lights on at night in North Korea, or what? Are they trying to save money or something. I know all this sounds naive but c’mon, there has to be something there. Maybe there is and a different lens would have to be used in order for the lights to be seen.

    I wonder if Michael Moore has seen this picture? He’d probably say that North Korea is what America would look like if the corporations ran things. Hey Michael, you fat slob, the corporations are running everything. It’s their financial contributions, known as taxes, to our government that keep some of the lights on. Who’s paying the light bills down South, and who is paying the bills up North? And the environmentalists would love to see the photo of the North because they would say that it was the North who cared the most for the planet because there is an obvious absence of heat and light which are “pollutants”, is what the tree huggers believe. This photo is what the Occupier’s believe America should look like if we were committed to protecting the planet. They want to get America looking like this.