A Personal Thanksgiving

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0 thoughts on “A Personal Thanksgiving

  1. Kimberly Farraj

    I am saddened to hear my Twitter Sister is now without a job. This is the first I am hearing about it as I am only on twitter occasionally these days, I do know that Michelle is a very resourceful person and will over come any obstacle that stands in her way. If there is anything I can do to help out consider it done! My fellow twister is a strong and smart individual who will survive.

  2. Teri Peters

    Social media has many functions. One is to help friends. I am a day late to this story but wanted to send it around. Michelle is one of the founding members of the twisters, as am I. As such, we are twisters or twitter sisters. To those that are not aware, this means we are pretty much sisters. We are tight. I know Michelle is self sufficient, as she so eloquently states but if I can help, I will. I can attest to her writing ability, in-depth knowledge of conservative politics, social media savvy and ability to meet a tight deadline. Michelle also has significant experience as the co-host of an online radio show. If anyone knows of a paid writing position, social media job or anything else that may be a good fit for Michelle, please contact her. Michelle does not know I am posting this and did not request help. It’s just what we twisters do. This is rather an informal letter of recommendation. I would be happy to provide a more formal one. Please tweet me @hipEchik if you so desire. Thank you! Teri.