11,000 Freed from Bonds of Despotic Employment by Occupy Oakland

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  • There, there, dear Katherine, those are your meds, not mine. For symptoms your delusional system of thinking, intermittent difficulty looking at yourself in the mirror after the inane drivel you pen, not being able to sleep at night for who you get into bed with to further your aspirations.

  • Katherine, You are an idiot. Either that or you are a whore to big business, getting paid big bucks to write propogandist drivel in hopes that the Fox News consuming dullards in America, the poor souls who exist on microwaveable, genetically engineered food, spend their days glued to mindless television programs and haven’t had an original thought in years, will be swayed to ‘feel’ negatively about the Occupy movement. You are ridiculous. I can’t even get angry, I just feel sorry for you.