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0 thoughts on “White House Senior Staff

  1. DJ Redman

    Hello Ben’

    I agree with you, Obama and the Liberals, Socialists and Media have now been shown to want to collapse our country by overwhelming the government programs which is taught in the Saul Alinsky book rules for radicals. There will be only two types of voters in the upcoming elections, True American Patriots who love this country and the freedom it has against the melting pot of Radical community organizers and fake Democrats, all begging to be allowed to steal other people’s hard earned wealth under the “guise” of progress. It is basically Americans vs. Stealth Communism in 2012. I know which side I,m on.

  2. DJ Redman

    Nice job reporting on this nonsense Ben. Michelle Obama’s hypocrisy apparently knows no bounds” once again.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks DJ. I pray that everyone (or at least the majority) does not drink the Obama Kool-aid this time around. They are doing their best to destroy our country and we must all stand up and take it back.