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When the Light Comes On… A Lesson in Brainwashing

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  1. Anonymous; expect us

    You wrote: “But your movement is about revolution not reform.” That matter is a question of opposition.. is it not?

  2. Anonymous; expect us

    If it’s not billionaire funding what could be the force driving Occupy Wall Street?

    “If someone wanted to know why the “Occupy” movement is growing all I would have to do is point them to three news stories I came across while perusing the news during my lunch on Thursday:

    Reliance on government benefits even higher than during depth of recession

    Dan Snyder paid around $70 million for a 224-foot yacht

    Bold Mansion Owners Are Raising Prices”

  3. A hidden tax is when the Fed prints money in which devalues yours and they redistribute it. But your movement is about revolution not reform. That’s the fallacy with your movement but we can see that you are well organized and probably well funded.

    Occupy Wall Street is about “Useful Idiots” following the collective as they have been trained in college.

    • Anonymous; expect us

      So what does the Fed printing money (your hidden tax) have to do with millionaire Kennedy advocating for lowering a 91% tax rate (which does not qualify him as a supply-sider as you assert incidentally.)

      Occupy Wall Street is not well-funded. Nor does it need to be. That’s the real reason for the panic condemnation on the right. We have no leader. What we do have is a message that resonates organically with massive popular support. We use independent media platforms which we are highly proficient at communicating across and organizing otherwise in our workplace and communities. We are able to instantly communicate our protest message with forceful impact and allow for the sharing information between people who don’t know each other but for affinity messaging… on numerous of fronts. The technology we use everyday (all day long) has eliminated necessity for protest “mobs” in the street and mainstream media cooperation to create impact and spread the word. The public police brutality, right wing speculation about our mystery backing, condemnation and ridicule are all working “for us.”

      • Anonymous; expect us

        Kentucky Senator Rand Paul echoed Cantor on the “mob” thingy, tossing invective toward Occupy Wall Street as a “Paris mob” inflamed by President Obama’s rhetoric:

        “I see the president’s rhetoric of envy inflaming the public and saying, ‘Go get yours because rich people don’t deserve it,'” Paul said on Fox Business.[…]

        “I see it as inflaming this Paris mob that I hope doesn’t result in a lawlessness where they say, ‘Well, gosh, those nice iPads through the window should be mine and why don’t I throw a brick through the window to get them because rich people don’t deserve to have them when I can’t have them,'” Paul said.

        You better believe that opponents of Occupy Wall Street hope that it becomes violent, as that would be an easy way to discredit it. But that’s not going to happen. Maybe if Republicans merely suggest the hypothetical often enough their ignorant loyalists will assume it is not hypothetical? A new Republican talking point is clearly emerging around the term “mob.” Taking a baby step just outside of hard-core conservative cocoons, the “violent mob” characterizations, combined together with our messaging… actually works to build intrigue and attract interest! Once interest is pricked, we got all the informational delivery systems in place. New York Representative Peter King piles on for us:

        “The fact is these people are anarchists. They have no idea what they’re doing out there,” King said. “They have no sense of purpose other than a basically anti-American tone and anti-capitalist. It’s a ragtag mob basically.”

        Herman Cain apparently missed the “mob” talking point memo. Instead, he continues coming up with a new person or group for Occupy Wall Street to blame every day (except, of course, for Wall Street itself).

  4. Anonymous; expect us

    Don’t forget Kennedy was incredibly rich. Far beyond anything the Bush family could dream of.

    The Kennedy tax cuts, as a percentage of national income, far dwarfed any other tax cuts of any one year and just about equaled ALL the tax cuts of President Bush.

    At the time, the maximum tax rate was 91% ….before the millionaire Kennedy took office.

    Under Obama… this countries tax rates have not been lower since the 1950’s.

    • It seems you forget the important aspect, Federal Spending. Spending has increased exponentially since the 50s and through printing of money has imposed hidden taxes. You cannot compare our gold standard money of then to our fiat system of now. There are so many factors that have devalued our dollar, this movement will only hurt the American people…and the ones who planned it are all too prepared.

      We are the Weimer Republic just before Hitler assumed control, except his Gestapo is now Homeland Security.

      • Anonymous; expect us

        Brian, your response made no sense: You wrote: “It seems you forget the important aspect, Federal Spending. Spending has increased exponentially since the 50s and through printing of money has imposed hidden taxes.” What ever are you talking about “hidden taxes”? lol! Is that for you like some sort of boogie man under the bed that nobody can put their finger on…. because these taxes are “hidden”? However, everybody should be afraid of this boogie man…. and we should be cutting tax rates below 1950’s levels because of this “hidden boogie man… ? You lost me completely.

        Oh, wait, are you talking about “hidden taxes” like the interest payments we add each year to our national deficit derived from debt obligations to, for example, China? Debt obligations stemming from our paying to provide armed security services (US Army) to oil companies for them to be able to recently set up long-term oil extraction contracts with the government we set up in Iraq? To continue to operate in a stabilized environment there long-term? Is that what you are referring to by “hidden taxes”?

        So, let me get this straight… you are suggesting that multi-millionaire Kennedy’s advice, at a time tax rates were as high as 91%, that we should be doing things like extending lower rates for the upper 2% for another 10 years at a time tax rates are less than anytime in the past 60 years because “hidden taxes” such as this government’s providing security services for oil companies is being shouldered by US taxpayers?

        Makes perfect sense for somebody…. to be sure. But who would that be? Occupy Wall Street is all about a greed and a corrupted system.