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0 thoughts on “What A Tool

  1. mike

    This toon is inaccurate. Democrats don’t have spines this stiff.

  2. Anonymous

    what is wrong with you people? Everything on that “soapbox” contradicts itself, and you can’t believe anything that you hear on Fox. Are you people blind, deaf, and dumb?

    1. A.F.Branco

      Everything on that soap box is real.. Anarchist, Communist, Environmentalist wackos, and now Nazis are joining the “useful idiot, eat the rich, hate the Jews, collapse the system” crowd, backed by George Soros money… Just because it isn’t on MSNBC doesn’t mean it isn’t so.
      All the things you may enjoy most likely are coming from from free market capitalism… Your buddy obama and his fascist style crony capitalism is what they should be angry at, not Wall Street CEOs reacting to socialist government policies, ie “Fair Housing Act” brought about by Carter and Clinton, then enforced through Fanny and Freddie with the help of Accorn.

  3. Corkie

    Tina TB is correct Tony! Your toons just keep getting better! This one is so awesome that it should be a bumper sticker!
    As always, well done!

    1. A.F.Branco

      Thank you Corkie… I’m hoping this one really goes viral.. This message needs to get out there. The democrats are really in bed with the devil here… This is not a benign group of miss-lead collage kids just speaking out, as the main stream media is trying to present. …This is a communist revolution movement through and through, and now joined by the NAZI Party…. What would of the main stream media have said if the NAZI party joined the tea party??… Could you imagine???

      1. Anonymous

        The Nazi’s hated communist lefties. What’s up with them becoming buddies now? You sure they are?

          1. Anonymous

            Looks rather like a bit of an implosion to me:
            Cain vs GOP latinos
            GOP Mormons vs GOP Fundies
            GOP “Rockefellers” vs GOP Right wing crazies
            GOP Log Cabin vs GOP everybody else
            GOP entertainment news and your linked “judeo-capitalist banksters” vs. Right wing Nazis & Supremacists
            Goldman Sachs vs. Everyone Else (appearing as the Uber bubble on the Venn Diagram of politics.)
            Who’s missing? C’mon, we got 99% to account for here… ;)

          2. Anonymous

            But, regardless, despite mischaracterization of the ranks of “the mob”…. thanks for the endorsement conveying a degree of honest recognition of the influence of OWS. (e.g. “Soros” is only red meat, dishonest and distraction.) No doubt, your talent is acknowledged and appreciated as raw talent goes – you likely merely need to work on ‘accuracy of substance’ and your work could no doubt take flight…. soar. ;)

          3. A.F.Branco

            Anonymous.. My truth and accuracy, is what has you so enraged. I know the truth hurts, but your spoiled brat group occupying wall street is believing a big lie!… They are so busy cussing at the wound, but have no Idea where that wound came from. Kinda like a rabid dog attacking the closest thing to him because he feels pain… Very irrational.

  4. David Schuler

    I thought you should have had this reversed with the OWS as the tool. Dems are using those confused people to get what THEY want.

    1. A.F.Branco

      David that is what I think some of the democrats want to believe,,, But, the truth is, it is the exact opposite. It could be said they are tools for each other.

    2. clayusmcret

      David had the same thought as I did. The OWS crowd is just another tool democrat leadership is using to try to bring down capitalism. In the end, they are all dangerous to America. Keep up the great work!!

  5. A.F.Branco

    My passion for drawing political cartoons is rooted a burning desire to get our message out there… That it may help educate the abundantly ignorant.. Please use my Toons as “tool” to help out… SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!…. Thank you!!!.. A.F.Branco