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We Can NEVER Stop Combating The MSM – Rich Already Pay "Fair Share" of Taxes

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  1. When the people fear the Government there is tyranny. When the Government fears the people there is Liberty!

    I’ll choose Liberty. What choice will you make? No wimps allowed.

  2. Everybody knows that the rich already pay what the government considers “fair”. Now, it’s the government’s responsibility to tell the Occupier’s the rich already pay what it believe’s is fair. If the government changes it’s mind what it consider’s to be “fair”, then it will be it’s responsibility to tell the rich that is has changed it’s mind. Other than that, it’s really not anyone’s business what the rich pay in tax. When every American is rich then what we all pay in tax won’t matter any more. But until that time comes we shouldn’t worry about it. When I was growing up I never worried about being rich or not being rich, I just didn’t think about it. Other than my little allowance if I needed more money I knew how to get it and that was by working for it. No one told me that, I just seemed to know. I guess that’s what comes by being a real American. I use the term for myself and everyone like me as not just what the description of what being an American is, but what it used to be, and I don’t know if it will ever be that way again. I concider myself a “real” American because I hold the history of this country in my memory while those less old as me don’t. They only hold what liberals want them to know what America’s history is for their own purposes of limiting these young American’s knowledge so that they will be like the old saying, “If you don’t remember what your mistakes were, you are doomed to repeat them.” Or something to that affect. What being a real American means is, a person who remembers America’s mistakes and votes, and is active politically in hopes our nation won’t have to repeat them. It only can if we have leaders in our government who remember our nation’s mistakes and are committed to it not repeating them.

    The younger people and misguided leaders don’t care to learn or remember our countries mistakes because they don’t think they are important enough to still have an affect, or are necessary to remember and can’t be applied to today’s thinking. They also believe the lesson’s learned from those mistakes hold no solutions to today’s problems. They are wrong. So that is something that we also will have to redo for the sake of our children. They will have those stupid questions like they have these days of why should they be required to use their brains for silly old information about something that happened so long ago. They will have to have some very plain examples laid out for them in a way they can identify with.

    As far as our media is concerned, whenever they took the turn down the wrong road they didn’t believe there was any way to turn around so they gave up on remembering how to turn around. They need to turn around and go back to where they took the wrong turn leading them into getting into bed with the government. They need to be thrown out of bed with the government and not ever allowed to get into bed with anyone again.

    Also the media must be given a lecture on being responsible for the freedom they are given by our Constitution, and how far that freedom goes. It’s not that they are “too” free, it’s that they have been allowed to forget how to be responsible for being free. When the freedom of the people is threatened, so is the freedom of the press. If there are people in the government who don’t want the people to speak out freely, surely it dosen’t want the press to report who it is who is trying to take that freedom away. Back during the Vietnam War was when the news media was turned against this nation. Whoever it was and whatever it was that was used to make such a threat to the press that they believed from then on that it was in their best interest to stay on the good side of whoever or whatever that person or thing was. Today we believe they are on the side of the Socialists Democrats and Communists, and it’s their message the press preaches. They use the methods of the Communists in taking everyone else’s freedom of speech away. They are going to have to relearn what freedom of speech means to the least of us who are also protected by the same Constitution that protects the press.

  3. Misguided are we as usual. We run so fast to get into the fight we don’t even know what fight we are in. Do you really think the MainStreamMedia got this wrong? My good people they don’t care if you win this battle. As long as you keep fighting it! That’s right; they have framed the debate again and keep you watching this hand while they pull socialism over your eyes. Who here thinks taxing the rich is the argument…raise your hands…let’s see there is you and you…and you and you…IDIOTS! Herman McCain; John McCain’s r.i.n.o.s brother of another color! You give them eyes but they can not see! We don’t need a flat tax. We don’t need 999 or 666 or any number. You want our economy to take off. I won’t even tell you the answer because you are all so stupid you won’t see it anyway. I’ll just say this. Abraham Lincoln did it! And it made America what she was and almost still is today. You figure it out. You lousy…”GREEN BACK”! okay enough hints for the morons!