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Wall Street Bandwagon

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  1. Haha can’t stop laughing…thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually thought it was about the “Wheels falling off” the movement, the presidents 2012 race, and so much more Liberal fallout (apart)… Hilarious!!

  3. Well done! It makes me sick to see how disrespectful these people have been to the people who live and work near their protest site, and I cannot believe how blind they are, whether intentionally or not, to who is the root of the problem.

  4. LOL! Tony! You’ve done it again! Well said! I love the “off the ground platform”! I don’t see them getting any momentum in their Obama vehicle! I think they’ll have as much luck as the Wisconsin Flee bagger fiasco! LMAO!

    • Yes, they showed their @$$ there, and are doing so now… Folks are trying to compare these idiots to the tea party… The Tea Party were protesting to save the best system in the world, but this bunch is trying to collapse it!!! Thank you Corkie!! Always look forward to your comment on my toon.

  5. Here’s hoping that doubles as the re-election bus!!