VP Joe Biden Proves Himself To Be A Political Hack

By | October 1, 2011

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0 thoughts on “VP Joe Biden Proves Himself To Be A Political Hack

  1. DJ Redman Post author

    I agree 100% Warren! Biden is a hack, and the problem is they tell him to say one thing on Friday, then on Monday someone catches him saying the exact opposite. Some of it appears to be an attempt at slick manipulation of the message, kind of like reverse psychology, and then some of it appears to be just plain old dumb Joe sticking his foot in his mouth. I think it is an attempt by Obama’s handlers to try to pre-emptively discredit Biden by undermining his credibility even more than he himself does on a daily basis.

    Interesting article with good information that gives us some insight into our Vice President’s supposedly idiotic and contrary statements recently.