U.S. Troops To Uganda

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  • Bush lied about why we went to Iraq.

  • While Hillary, Barack and Powers are desperate to “help” the oppressed women of 3rd world nations, they impose illegal actions on American citizens to put them on the path towards 3rd world poverty through their Socialist Utopian wish-lists of Central Governmental control of our free market system, banks, auto companies, energy industry, FOOD industry, fondling Americans private parts to go from one state to another, on and on with the Communistic B/S!

    Boots on the ground in Africa now. They say it is LEGAL because of the 2009 legislation they passed, yet I cant even find the damn legislation. DO you folks actually THINK they signed a law in 2009 that gives us the right to just put boots on the ground in other countries, contrary to International and NATO laws? NOT HARDLY