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These OWS Protestors Aren't "Poor"

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  1. Oh, one more thing – let’s not forget, as soopermexican said, we live better than the vast majority of the world. Even our “poor” are hardly poor. As you point out, thanks to handouts, someone can live off the government and have a pretty cushy existence. And they want to enable people even more along those lines?! Baffles me. We should not provide incentives for freeloading – rather, we should find ways to get people to enjoy the soul-building benefits of hard work. And these protestors should thank Wall Street for creating jobs that got them their entitled, privileged lifestyle.

    • Anonymous; expect us

      Conservative conjecture: “someone can live off the government and have a pretty cushy existence.” Have you ever noticed that no conservative ever attempts to define or support what their elusive “cushy” really is… in real dollars for example?

      The reason? They’d find themselves needing to advance unreasonable arguments. Their “cushy” existence suddenly looks an awful lot like subsistence existence.

      So they never do.

      Your comment: “And these protestors should thank Wall Street for creating jobs that got them their entitled, privileged lifestyle.”

      LOL! Right. After they’re bailed out by taxpayer money, in addition to $5 ATM fees, here’s more of their version of graditude. Sourced ABC NEWS: Sept. 12, 2011… “Bank of America, trying to break free from a pile of bad mortgages and a sagging stock price, announced plans to lay off 30,000 employees over the next few years.”

      • You question “cushy”? I’m referring specifically to crap like this: http://www.txtrendychick.com/2011/10/steak-lobster-on-the-government-dole/ Or to anecdotes I’ve heard from friends who could qualify for food stamps but choose independence – and struggle and budgeting – instead, and yet they watch friends who collect food stamps and disability (even though that person could work) who eat way better on the dole. It’s disgusting and wrong!

        • Anonymous; expect us

          best you can can offer is one (1) single anecdotal instance of someone with bad judgement (mentally impaired perhaps? Probably? ) obviously burning up all their allocation of food stamps on a couple lobster and steaks. That single instance has probably circulated through every political conservative’s e-mail inbox at least twice and serves for all conservatives for the next 10 years to rant about all people ever receiving any kind of assistance… as having a “cushy” life on the government dole… eating steaks and lobster everyday. I get it and it’s dishonest. It’s clear to me why I reject conservative ideology. It’s all the unfortunate global conclusions constantly being drawn from a small anecdotal for a dismissive argument argument like this. It’s precisely why there is a popular uprising happening across this country: it’s a mentality and it’s a culture of dishonesty that people are not willing to endure anymore as okay. Expect us.

      • Oh, and I find the bailouts DEPLORABLE, so please don’t put words in my mouth. NOTHING is “too big to fail.” Using that argument is what’s causing all of our financial ruin and irresponsibility.

  2. LOVE this. I’ve been saying the same thing all along – these kids have no clue what it’s like to be poor! Some friends and I got into it on Facebook. In her words, “the fact is there are things in place that push against and oppress a majority of the people in our nation, and that needs to change. our human rights are being violated (as per the universal declaration of human rights, and others signed in the geneva convention–signed by all sovereign nations).”

    To which I replied, WHAT “human rights” are being violated by Wall Street?! And how on earth do you feel somehow entitled to what Wall Street has when you haven’t worked for it? I personally know one of the richest men in the world via the Forbes list – he went from NOTHING to being a billionaire on his own hard work and ingenuity, founding an entire industry that never even existed before he had the idea (leasing airplanes to airlines). And is he such a stingy fatcat? Heck no! He donated enough money to the Smithsonian that their aviation museum is named after him. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and for others like him who have made the “American dream” reality – not because they felt somehow entitled, but because they went to work and MADE things happen. It’s more than I can say for these “protestors.”

  3. I have always believed that American’s, any American can come up with an idea of something they could sell and make money off of. In other words American’s are inventive enough be able to start their own business and make themselves more money they could make if they were working for someone else. We’re inventive, bright, and come up with ideas to do things better or different, all the time. And we are more able to do those things more than anyone else in the world. And do you know why more inventions come from America than any other country, even though God gave a creative ability to each one of us? It’s because we are FREE to come up with ideas about how to change our world. FREEDOM is what allows American’s to be inventive more than anyone in any other country. So why can’t those people do what we do? It’s because they are used to being kept down, and not allowed to change their own world around them. When you live in a country that does not allow you to get yourself out of your own poverty, because they are in control of everything, it’s impossible to move from poverty to a better place. After awhile it affects those people’s minds where if they were given the opportunity to be more creative, they couldn’t do it, because their minds have been affected and that part of their minds doesn’ work anymore like it is supposed to. And that small percentage of people who just don’t possess the creative ability to create new things, or improve something that exists now.

    I am a inventor. I have the ability to invent things. I am registered with the government patent office as an “independent inventor”. As long as I can remember I have always been able to take things apart and do different things with the parts. I’m not McGiver, now, so don’t think I could build a nuclear reactor with a tube of toothpaste and a box of pencils. I’m not that kind of inventor. But when I had my business I realized that the reason why American’s are so inventive is because we are FREE to be that way. Freedom makes a huge difference in a person’s ability to create things. Our ability to create and invent is one of the other things that separates human’s from the animals. Our power of reasoning is what does it. But you definately have to be free to unlock that ability to it’s fullest. American’s can do that, and most other people in the world can’t. And it’s the only reason why, and that is because of our being FREE to do it, and they are not.

    When those in our government believe that the American people should be controlled, it is they who are afraid of our ability to create ourselves out of poverty. That is what those in government want to control. They probably aren’t that creative themselves, and usually it is people like that who want to control someone who can create. If it’s a little bit more of money we earn for ourselves that we need in order to be able to create something we could sell, and then it could snowball and eventually get us out of poverty, then it’s that money those in government want to take away from us, in order to keep us poor. See, how that works?

    • You wrote: See how that works?

      I write: No. As a matter of fact I don’t. Your underlying premise, the underlying abstract conceptual “assumption” for this comment is flawed in fact. Your comment argues actually provides the argument against itself:

      The USA is not the most inventive people dur to “freedom”, we are pathetically, number 40th.

      Patents granted (per capita) (most recent) by country

      Rank Countries Amount
      # 1 Luxembourg: 431.098 per million people per 1
      # 2 Slovenia: 52.2128 per million people per 1
      # 3 Iceland: 50.5498 per million people per 1
      # 4 Malta: 45.1655 per million people per 1
      # 5 Finland: 35.8032 per million people per 1
      # 6 Latvia: 31.0044 per million people per 1
      # 7 Sweden: 30.1044 per million people per 1
      # 8 Ireland: 26.3944 per million people per 1
      # 9 New Zealand: 25.5266 per million people per 1
      # 10 Switzerland: 24.4358 per million people per 1
      # 11 Norway: 22.4254 per million people per 1
      # 12 Austria: 20.1588 per million people per 1
      # 13 Mongolia: 20.0645 per million people per 1
      # 14 Korea, South: 16.0153 per million people per 1
      # 15 Georgia: 14.3254 per million people per 1
      # 16 Israel: 11.7891 per million people per 1
      # 17 Netherlands: 11.5195 per million people per 1
      # 18 Denmark: 9.5729 per million people per 1
      # 19 Japan: 7.80116 per million people per 1
      # 20 Lithuania: 7.50626 per million people per 1
      # 21 Belgium: 6.94712 per million people per 1
      # 22 Belarus: 4.85437 per million people per 1
      # 23 Slovakia: 4.41908 per million people per 1
      # 24 Australia: 3.7332 per million people per 1
      # 25 Kazakhstan: 3.62176 per million people per 1
      # 26 France: 3.37972 per million people per 1
      # 27 Romania: 3.17958 per million people per 1
      # 28 Bulgaria: 3.08725 per million people per 1
      # 29 Germany: 2.85087 per million people per 1
      # 30 Czech Republic: 2.73411 per million people per 1
      # 31 Kyrgyzstan: 2.72056 per million people per 1
      # 32 Armenia: 2.68186 per million people per 1
      # 33 Hungary: 2.59818 per million people per 1
      # 34 Turkmenistan: 2.01939 per million people per 1
      # 35 Croatia: 2.00178 per million people per 1
      # 36 Singapore: 1.8075 per million people per 1
      # 37 Ukraine: 1.78735 per million people per 1
      # 38 United Kingdom: 1.35669 per million people per 1
      # 39 Spain: 1.04112 per million people per 1
      # 40 United States: 0.97723 per million people per 1

      Source: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_pat_gra_percap-economy-patents-granted-per-capita

  4. Things like education is not always a guarantee of not becoming “poor”. Look at all the college grads these days where people with diploma’s are working at McDonald’s flipping burgers. Of course the obvious reason why is all the manufacturing and industry and their associated support businesses are all gone out of the country and the only thing left are a handful of support businesses that are barely hanging on by their finger nails.

    In the mid 80’s America went through a horrible time when our oil and gas industries went on the skids. What I believe is the major oil companies knew that the powers that be wanted to create a scam called the “global economy”. Basically there is no such thing as a global economy. What it is, is a handful of “developing countries” that the international bankers and investors want their money to funnel through in order to suck those economies down so as to control what they do with their money. If those “developing” economies were to be allowed to develope on their own, eventually they would become self sufficient, almost a free interprise like America. But that’s not what the super wealthy want out of those economies. The super wealthy want control over any blossoming economy that used to be poor, but are now getting themselves out. But where did they get the money to develope their industries and manufacturing in order that their people have finally got jobs to provide for better lifestyles those people could only dream about before? The World Bank, and the International Monitary Fund. Where do they get their money? From “developed countries” tax payers whose money is being funneled through those countries governments. It’s from UN treaties developed countries sign in order to provide money other countries can get loans from. In other words it just more “redistribution of wealth” as ordered by the UN. And now Obama is talking with UN advisors about paying into what they are calling a “world poverty tax”, which is even more redistribution of wealth from America that syphons off our nations wealth we could use in order to help our developing industries and manufacturing by NOT taking money from them in more regulations and higher and higher taxes. It’s all geared to take money from our private companies ability to generate it’s own wealth, and give it to somebody else who the powers that be believe need it more than our countries companies do.

    This kind of government intrusion into our ability to generate our own wealth is what keeps people poor who shouldn’t be poor, but since they can’t find work that pays enough for them to be able to work their way out of poverty, they remain poor. That is not those people’s fault, it is bad government that believes our money belongs to them in government, and not to us. Liberal Democrats are the one’s who take out these treaties with those in the UN who want money to be controled from developed countries and give it to developing countries. That would be fine if it weren’t for the purpose of controling that countries economy for the purpose of wealth redistribution, which is simply Socialism heading towards Communism.

  5. I believe that the word “poor” has changed over the years and what it means to each person. What is being poor to someone who grew up that way may not think what they went threw was so bad compared to some, who really didn’t have much more, but the difference was how much money they made to sustain their level of poverty. Sustain their level of poverty? Why would anyone want to do tthat? So as to keep from falling down the ladder even further, that’s why. Who would want to become poorer? No one. So a person had to work very hard to keep from becoming poorer.

    There came a time in the 80’s where the “official” definition of what “poor” was came along. Being poor in the 80’s was a three bedroom house, one and ahalf bath, two cars, and all the amenities to go along with that level of lifestyle. Except what made you poor was the fact that you were living from paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t afford to do anything. See, I’ve been through all these levels of poverty in America and I know. Once we reached the new level of what was known as the “new poor” we had the house and cars, except we didn’t have two pennies to rub together. Like, once or twice a YEAR we slurged and bought “bacon” because it was so expensive and was a luxury to us. Everyone has some little thing that their income just wouldn’t allow, and for us it was bacon.

    We went to a free debt councilor in our church one time. We wanted to know what we were doing wrong that it seemed we just couldn’t get out of the rut we were in. He was shocked we lived on so little that he asked “Why haven’t you gone bankrupt years ago?” When he figured out how much we spent a week on food he was shocked again. He was so saddened by our financial fix, being poor, that, at the end of the sessioin with him he had to tell us, “There’s nothing I can do for you.”. Well, hell we knew that when we came in there. We just wanted to have someone else take a look at our finances and figure out if there was any more we could do to free up somemore money. There wasn’t. We knew that.

    But you know what? We worked our way out of all that and became “unpoor” after some years of hard work and sacrifice.

    • Anonymouus; expect us

      WillofLa says (below): “So a person had to work very hard to keep from becoming poorer.” and “But you know what? We worked our way out of all that and became “unpoor” after some years of hard work and sacrifice.”

      Glad to hear your community figured it out. One attributing one’s success to “hard work” and “sacrifice” is one’s prerogative based upon one’s outlook and perspective. Another in your community might contribute the same success to your community beginning to “work smarter” vs. “work harder” (?) for example. If one is feeding one’s family employed as a dishwasher or sandwich meat cutter in a packaging plant, etc., the advice that they “should work harder and sacrifice” more easily translates as a nice motto for management to post around the workplace than it does as practical advice to someone working hard and not being able to keep up. It’s even less practical advice for any of the 14 or 15 million people for whom there exists a shortage of a job for them to work hard at.

      But let’s go back to the validity of the underlying premise in a meme asserting that “hard work” and “sacrifice” are the solution to poor. As anecdotes, we see rags to riches stories now and then. Those stories are story-worthy not because they are common life experience like “Man eats toast for breakfast” but because they represent the exception, not the rule. If one takes the time to research and read the studies exploring upward economic mobility in the US one discovers that reality is not aligned with that American myth. Very few of us are actually able to climb to the next highest wrung above the economic strata we are born into. It happens, to be sure, but only incidentally (as story-spreading news goes lotto winners are story-worthy, lotto losers are not.) “Hard work and sacrifice” works – nowhere near the rate or myth implies. To paraphrase somebody, “If hard work and sacrifice were in fact the key, the slaves shipped into this country would have worked and sacrificed their way into owning this country long ago.” It’s the system we’re a part of and working with.

      It’s the system that matters. Ours is broken today… for too many people. Income disparity has been increasing for 30 years, not 3 years as conservative political talking-point messaging would have us all think.

  6. Anonymouus; expect us


    Look, here’s how it works, ” IF ” there are 14 million to 15 million more people than there are jobs in this country, let me say it again the other way for emphasis, if there are 14 or 15 million more people than there are jobs in the country, there is only one thing course of action to take if they get together to try to change something… anything. It’s not what you’d think. You don’t stand upon your political representatives to do something to create jobs. No. What you do is, you tell 14 to 15 million people that “the job shortage” is their fault. And as a part of that exercise in blaming / shaming… as a part of your making yourself feel better about it….you tell them just how well off they are, how resourcefully smart and tough you are, and that frankly… they should be thankful. Because after all, it really is a race to the bottom.

    • Anonymouus; expect us

      and, conversely, rather than blame and shame the individual people for a national “jobs shortage” of 14 to 15 million jobs, you offer opinion like the opinion in another sage conservative article-contributor here is currently endorsing at the close of his blame and shame article as a workable solution: http://conservativedailynews.com/2011/10/the-latest-from-the-ows-gang/

      “And this article, “The Occupiers’ World Awaits,” by David P. McGinley, perfectly expresses my sentiments about the “occupiers” throughout the world – let the “occupiers” go to North Korea. But that’s just my opinion.”

      That conservative article-contributor appears to be confused, in his article, about why people are occupying the streets. If one still cannot not understand “why people are in the streets” a month later, because they are insulated into being completely oblivious about what has already changed in the minds of average Americans (or because they feign confusion about it in sophomoric set-ups to ridicule, blame and shame), they are likely a part of the problem.

  7. Yeah, if people can’t find a job, it’s their fault. If people can’t afford for some expensive medical treatment, then they should just die. If people can’t start their own APPLE so they can have politicians in their pockets, then they don’t deserve to have a voice. We shouldn’t spend money on education either, poor people may get too smart for our own good, we need a lower class after all.

    classy guys. very classy.

  8. Thank you for the perspective of growing up poor in the 80’s AI.

    We grew up poor in the 60’s and 70”s in the Midwest, Northern Michigan to be exact. We had one TV, had 2 bedrooms for 5 kids, brown bagged lunch where I got so sick of Bologna that I still shudder when I see an Oscar Meyer commercial on TV, the only form of heat was the wood stove/oven in kitchen Mom cooked on for many of the earlier years, had to walk maybe a mile to the bus stop in -20 degree blizzards, and if we wanted something as we got into our teens we were made to work for it. No free ride, no molly-coddling, and if you got into trouble, were caught lying, or stealing, you got the belt, and then you were grounded. After dad was gone, Mom worked 2 and 3 jobs instead of demanding that other folks pay to raise her children, while sitting on their ass playing the victim card.

    The only thing poor about these OWS young protesters is that they are showing “poor judgement” in following around a bunch of radicals and 60’s misfits that think Socialism will somehow make everyone “rich.”
    The proof of their ignorance can be found in the demand that everyone be “given” a living wage, regardless of employment or qualifications. AI is correct in the fact that many of the younger folks “Occupying park benches” couldn’t fix a car, plunge a toilet or have the common sense to shut off the water main when the house is flooding.They have no actual work qualifications and their appearance is atrocious. Many of them could not pass a drug test for employment. Many have college degrees yet say they can’t find work. Bill O’Reilly brought up the point that the U/E rate for college grads is 5.1% today almost half of what the working stiff’s rate is. That sure sounds like UN-equal justice there, why aren’t they protesting that fact?

    As far as the Union political activists, the Liberal media and the Leftists from the White House “Progressive Media action center that Jesse Lee runs for Barack Hussein are concerned, this is shown to be nothing more than the anti-capitalistic wealth redistribution agenda taught by Saul Alinsky and terrorist Bill Ayers.You are correct AI, these people have a strange sense of what is is to actually be poor today. They do however, have poor judgment, poor work ethics, and a piss-poor attitude that says other people “owe” them a comfortable living,” regardless of employment.”
    They look at the ignorant, grammatically challenged, race-baiting, obviously unintelligent neanderthal, Al Sharpton and say “Hey if that moron can have a TV show and get rich without working a day in his sorry life, why can’t we? Maybe they do have a point there.

  9. Ai,
    Either you and I are of similar age or similar experience. When I was in grade school, I remember our one bedroom apartment. Mom and sister in one room and the pull out couch in the living room was mine.

    Mom was a single-parent and doing the best she could.

    We had a single 10 or 12″ black and white TV with the circle and and antenna – CHF/UHF dials and such.

    Just like then, I still hate TV. I watch baseball, news and movies. So when our single, crappy black and white TV got stolen I was less grief-stricken than the rest of my family.

    I’ve been poor. Poor enough to think that a pull-out sofa in the front room of 1 room apartment is fine. Poor enough to make mac and cheese into three meals. Poor enough to know that not being able to pay the electric/gas bill means some really cold showers.

    The OWS idiots are brats. Spoiled, entitlest brats. They’ve never suffered and are now facing the real world. Everyone owes them something. Well, kids.. I got news for you. No one owes you ANYTHING. Quit crying, quit making excuses and go start another apple, get a job, or at least mow a lawn.

    Wait.. you can’t do those things because of xxxxx? yeah, excuses are for losers. Shut up and win!

  10. Yup. It’s all about perspective. We ARE the 99% in that we live better than 99% of the world, and more than 99% of mankind that has ever existed. The more grateful we are for that, the more we can maintain and defend the institutions and cultural capital that got us here.