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Staring at the Face of Death.

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  1. It was not enough to get justice.
    They had to sodomize him first.
    torture him in unimaginable ways.

    So upsetting.
    I in no way want our culture behaving like this or identifying with it, not in any way whatsoever.
    may we be civilized through and through.

    The video below – I could not watch, but it is proof that they are an unfeeling and violent culture.

  2. I appreciate the time everyone has given to read and share their views.

    Thank you.

  3. I have to say that all this “displeasure” with the showing of Ghadiffi’s body is nothing more than evidence of how far most all of us have been INFECTED by liberalism. Even Leah has been made softer by the peace message of the liberal “flower children” of the 60’s.

    America is a much, much softer, genteler, much, much less violent nation since the liberal flower children of the 60’s began the operation of taking the anger, hostility, violent mindedness of the America of the Vietnam years, and moving us towards the soft spokeness of the California flower child. Nowadays, if you just raise your voice in passion about something that is immideately misconstruded as “anger” you are sent to “anger management” classes. And if it can’t be therapied out of you, you are fired as being “incompatible” with the other workers. Everykind of law has been ordered made by the liberal courts to force JUST White people, not any other race of people have to suffer this humiliation. Have you ever heard of a Black man or a Muslim being sent to anger management classes for yelling about the oppression of the White man? Think that maybe it’s just White people who have been softened, and only White people were the ones who liberals blamed for starting all the wars, fist fights at bars, boys getting into fights after school, bullying at schools, and when a teacher goes to the house of little Johnny to talk to his parents about Johnnies misbehavior and bullying the other boys, it turns out that Mr. Johnny is a red neck bully himself and spends to much time bullying his son so little Johnny goes to school and pushes the other boys around. You know the scenario.

    But America is a much less angry, because no one wants to have to go to anger management classes because he doesn’t believe anyone has the right to tell him how he should act, much less violent since it’s against the law to bully at school and no parent wants to have to go to court to have a liberal judge tell them how to raise their kids which they strongly disapprove of, and much, much less geared towards violence that made our sons more than ready to go kill some “gooks” in Vietnam when the war began.

    Remember the Hippy signs “Make Love Not War”, and everyone’s favorite, “War Is Not Healthy For Human Beings Or Any Other Living Thing” remember that one? America has been so softened down and made to play nice, and that has been over done as well to the point where we have become plyable by the Socialist to the point where we won’t stand up for our rights even when we know the Socialist Democrats are crapping right on them, has been the purpose of all this pacification. And that’s what it is and that is to make pasifices out of the most fearsome nation at one time that foreigners wouldn’t even bother an American when they were walking around while overseas for fear of the next second seeing the United States Marines coming over the hill about to stomp the hell out of you. That was America’s image that the Socialists said to each other needed to be eliminated if they were going to be able to take America without firing a shot, so to speak. The Socialists knew that if they didn’t passify American’s they might catch onto what liberals were up to and kick their butts out of the country. So that’s why they embarked on making American’s like Leah, pussy’s. And millions of other American’s have become as soft as the waif of a girl with the long blond hair and the flowered head band on reaching out to you to make love not anger, hostility, violence, fighting, madness, and suspision.

    Now, we can’t even bare to look at some murdering terrorists pictures of the killing he so badly needed!! We’re such pussie’s that we think is disturbing to look at some murdering raping Muslim’s picture of having a single bullet hole in his head that didn’t even mess up his hair. That American’s have become so soft that we’re not going to be able to get the Muslims out of our country even when we know they are here to kill as many of us as they can even chopping our daughters and wives heads off right in front of us before they kill us! The Hippie’s have made such passifists out of us that we can’t stand to look at the photo of Ghadaffi dead, without being “offended” and make a big deal of, why do we celebrate the death of a tyrant?

    Do you see what has been done to you, Leah? Do you see what the liberals have done to your sensibilities to the point where you can’t even look at a photo of a murderer who got his just reward? Are you still asking yourself why it is the sign of manhood to be able to look at a dead person who died violently who was a murderer? If you are then you have been infected by LIBERALISM and you are now soft enough for the Socialists to take your country from you and they will know you won’t do a damn thing to stop them because you don’t believe you should use anger and hostility and violence to stop them, because it probably will take that. But you have given that up and allowed the liberals to take it out of you and modify your behavior, and by the laws they made have scared you into modifying your own behavior for them.

    You’ve done a good job of making yourself nice and softened up well enough where the Muslims won’t have much of a fight, probably like a girl fighting from a grown man, when they come to take your country away from you!!

    • I maintain, that while we must give justice to society and carry out sentences of execution, we should in no way lower ourselves to the level of the criminal, but treat their demise as a solemn event. Even when it liberates an entire nation.

      I find it curious that my other articles have been ignored.

      I am more than outspoken on the dangers of Sharia law in this past year than ever, and while the warrior within me is meek (self-controlled) right now, It does not mean that I wouldnt rise up to defend my children or this nation in a heartbeat.p
      I will say one thing more.

      While I would not bat an eye to take someone on to protect what is precious to me,
      I would never lower myself to the level of the bottom-feeder to take pictures and gloat over their destruction.

  4. showing mercy in the face of enemies that don’t is what separates us from the bad guys. The man in me burned with hatred for this murderer. The Christ in me burned with sadness over ALL the loss. The union, or at least peaceful coexistence between mercy and justice will always be tenuous – as it should. It’s up to us to find a balance.

    • There is a season for everything. It says so in the Word. There is a season for mercy and a season for justice. Ghaddaffi (Qaddaffi, Kadaffi whatever) lived in God’s mercy for 70 years. It was the season of justice for him. The tug at your heart is what makes you human, unlike that animal, who was obviously unable to feel such pangs of compassion. It is not “un-Christian” to understand that sometimes justice means death. Ghadafi received justice, and there’s nothing wrong with staring that in the face sometimes. It is right to rejoice when evil is put down. And it is right to be saddened by it nonetheless.

  5. It bothered me too, and I don’t know why. The look on his face when he was still alive and afraid is something you can’t unsee.

    That moment was what he feared, and was one of the reasons he was so mean.

  6. very well written, thank you