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San Antonio: Possible Terrorist Attack Attempt Thwarted?

Bexar County Courthouse- photo courtesy of city-data.com

While last night’s GOP Presidential Debate is the focus of the National news stations this morning, the local San Antonio focus surrounds the “extremely suspicious break-in” at the Bexar County Courthouse.

Bexar County spokesperson Laura Jesse confirmed that there are five men, all of which are foreign nationals, are in custody, and the the FBI and Federal Homeland Security are questioning the men about the incident. There are reports that at least two or three of the men have been arrested.

At approximately 1:40am on Wednesday morning, two men were found on a

RV used by suspects-Photo Courtesy of: Ana Ley

fourth story fire escape, attempting to break into the courthouse. A third man was found outside the building in an RV. When authorities searched the RV, photographs of water systems and other infrastructures were found.

For several hours, streets around the courthouse were blocked off and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in during the investigation. Authorities say the men appeared to be intoxicated. The area continues to be monitored, though the streets have been reopened.

While the written articles from the local news sites identify the men as “French Morrocan”, the radio news broadcasts are identifying them as “French Moroccan” Muslims.

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