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Rick Perry Delivers a Bizarre Speech at Cornerstone

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  1. Obama will not ever debate anyone of these guys. Obama is not going to lower himself to their level. For sure we are raking the bottom of the barrel with all this hoge poge of so-called Republican candidates. If this is the best we can do, we’re screwed. Cain will not be able to beat Obama if this is the best we can call out from the population of people who 1. are eligible, 2. have experience in government, 3. understand what the people want America to be, and 4. will be able to stir any and all patriotic feelings what real American that are left who can make it to next November. That is a year from now, a whole year. The liberal press was constantly beating up on Sarah Palin and hell, that was after the election. Why didn’t they beat up on McCain? He is completely stupid, and has a voting record to back that up, of stupid votes with Socialist Democrats, and being stupid about why he supports Socialist Democrats. But the press said nothing to him because they already know he’s a loser, big time. But Palin was different. We need someone to come forth who would be like Palin. And I know who it would be, and that is Marco Rubio. He knows government, he’s a true conservative with a history to back it up, he knows what real American’s want America to be, and he knows the tricks of the left and how low they will stoop to destroy somebody. He says he doesn’t want to get into all that right now and wants to build up his experience before he runs. I’ve heard 2016. Except only one thing, we may not be here in 2016!!

  2. This reminds me of the sound bit of Howard Dean and that weird yell he did during his campaign for President in 08. I’ve heard both versions of that video of Dean making that yell after he was pumping the crowd up, he let out this insane yell. It’s weird, but that’s the only part of that speech we ever hear, mostly on Hannidy, to identify who Dean really is. Since it’s a fact that Dean has some dibilitating mental problems and has to take medication to control his anger problems from his mental disturbances. And yells like he did, and wild and crazy stuff that he says all the time come from these disturbances. He’s getting worse or needs his meds changed. Perry sounds like he’s on meds. to, and maybe he does take them to control stress. I wouldn’t doubt it and maybe he has other meds that are stronger for all the different stress he’s under now since he’s not on top anymore.

    I think Perry just wants to go home and get away from all this crazy presidential campaigning. He didn’t have to go through this much hell when he ran for governor. I’m sure it’s more stress since he is not doing well in the polls. People all over are already saying Perry, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul need to drop out and give their support to Cain, Michelle Bachmann. Huntsman is a Democrat plant. The man was just working for Obama, and left so he could run for President as a Republican. He’s not a Republican, he’s a Democrat, people. He’s a plant.

  3. Also…. This is probably going to end up in somebody’s campaign video…

  4. This is the most awesome he’s ever been. He can at least get a show on Fox now between Huckabee and Geraldo.

  5. There he is folks, in all his “glory”. That’s the Rick Perry that has been my governor for the last eleven years. I’ve never cared for him, and with one exception, have never voted for him. I am a conservative Texan, and was one back in the days when Perry was an “Al Gore” Democrat. I have never wanted to see this man become president, and this eight minute video clearly demonstrates what he is: confused, indecisive, and frankly, kind of weird. This man cannot beat Obama head-to-head, despite Obama’s plummeting popularity. Obama is clearly not up to the job of being President of the United States. Neither is Rick Perry. Let’s select our GOP candidate with this in mind.