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OWS Manifesto: Declaration of the Occupation of NYC

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  1. Anonymous; expect us


    Re: your analysis “…you have no firm direction…” In fact, we have very firm direction; we’re merely no where near our destination or a conclusion or some “end.” This is an entirely new business model for a national level protest. Seems to be working very well so far. In under 20 days starting from zero resources there have been more than a half million people who indeed clearly see what direction we are headed and who have signed up to learn more and contribute. Something does not seem very strategic in your pissing off Occupiers with your ridicule, but hey, that’s your dealio; you do make the bed you sleep in.

    Spend some time on the Mothership. There is a library of nearly 2,000 contributed articles on OWS there. I suggest you read the articles with the highest number of recommendations for the best information, most value, highest merit: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/10/05/1022961/-Occupy-Wall-Street-Mothership-Oct-5-Link-to-LiveBlog-for-LIVE-COVERAGE-of-OWS?via=sidebyuserrec

    Cannot wait for that conceptual beat-down you promise the Left… someday in the future. Seems that would give you more than a year to run your mouth before you have to actually perform. Frankly, by next year’s elections House Republicans, will have had three (3) years to “do something.” Seems Obama’s going to campaign for a year on the “do nothing” Republican House as a theme. As you well know, this incumbent knows how to campaign.

    Anyway, having watched all the GOP debates… so far, and understanding your options for presenting Obama with a challenge, its pretty clear that beat-down that you say we got coming seems an awful lot like a promise that is “all hat.” I’d suggest you manufacture another crisis or something. As a political party, are highly proficient at predicting the end of the world; so where is that damn Glen Beck when you need him? You may need to pull him back out…. Obama did not end the world in his first term but certainly he will in his second! lol! 😉

  2. Anonymous; expect us


    I get from your attempt at an off-topic straw man argument filled with vile and insult… some sense of higher probability you a minor pretending to be an adult. Are you over 18?

  3. Anonymous; expect us


    This grievance list is no where near approaching conclusive. No one will be offered anything representing “final demands” until Occupy is (damn well) ready to provide them. This moment, today, is all about building upon “the idea” of a different America. The one we have was broken. What that different America looks like and how we get there is unresolved. We’re going to involve many more people and many more ideas using a democratic process to get ourselves there. Won’t be until after the end of the week and if not, perhaps sometime next Spring?

    But that silly conservative fear thingy is showing. Clearly you need more information.

    Check out The Mothership.

    There is no better single source of info on OWS anywhere. Frankly, for many reasons I will not explain Google is nowhere as good a resource… as this:


    • Thats right, that list is not conclusive, just like everything else you astro-turfers do is non-conclusive. They call that half-assed attempts at propaganda in most parts of the country. You have no firm direction, therefore nothing is conclusive with you people. What will be all-encompassing and totally conclusive is the beatdown the leftists are going to receive in the 2012 elections. It will be even more “historic” than in 2010 ! Remember the 2010 elections? You flakes haven’t seen nothing yet!

      • Excellent DJ. Not only that, these morons on the left who just think the arab spring is so dam cool, really have no idea how muslim governments operate. That isn’t people power over there. It’s muslim theocracy. The same muslim theocracy that chops off hands for stealing, stones people for adultery, beheads people for rape and sodomy (including gay people), and kills people who denounce Islam. Yet somehow, Libtards have elevated these nutjobs to super hero status. And seek to emulate them.

  4. Get your facts straight. The NYC general assembly is not a new “communications wing”. Its origins were came from a June 14 protest period. First called the peoples general assembly, it is an ongoing experiment attmpting to achieve a blend of direct democracy, like a town meeting, and consensus. For anyone truly interested in democratic process it is worth taking time to look at objectively.

    Also, regarding your short shrift of the manifesto. With very little effort I believe it can be stripped down to its basic assertion, that,

    “no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power”.

    The rest of the “manifesto” is, kind of, window dressing, listing categories of grieviances and seeking some allusion t the declaration of independance. However, all of that and who specifically is more or less culpable is a is not addressed and is certainly arguable, and should be argued in other contexts.

    It is the core message you need to acknolwedge and respond to. That is the assertion that “no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power”. Where do you stand in relation to that simple statement?

    If you disaggree, why?

    If you agree, the second assertion that teh declaration puts forth is that “corporations…run our governments”. Now, this is much more debatable, and that is fine, because the point is for a true democracy to function, and in order to do so, to make sure there are some limits on economic power to determine it, whether by corporations or individuals. Otherwise, money has no citizenship and our democracy is meaningless if it is up for sale to anyone anywhere anytime.

    • Then explain your astro-turf’s pathetic refusal to denounce Barack Obama and his Wall Street pals? G.E. come to mind? Obama received record amounts of donations from Wall Street. Oh that’s right, while protesting evil capitalism and begging for a fair wage regardless of employment, you aren’t allowed to speak negatively about the one who’s pulling the strings behind this faux movement. Just keep on chanting “Four more years!” That says it all.

  5. Hi Kira,

    When I and others wrote articles in exposing the videos, and theeir very own words of these “protesters” – just how many of them could not even explain what they wanted or what they were protesting, along comes the astro-turf NYC General assembly. Now they have their Liberal talking points for all the sheep to parrot on blogs and on the web. They are photo-shopping pics trying to show police brutality, comparing themselves to the Libyan revolution, blocking decent people from getting to and from work, and the only thing “horizontal” I see is all those mattresses they had strewn all over a public park. What a sad bunch.