OWS Gang Hypocritical (Surprise)

By | October 19, 2011

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0 thoughts on “OWS Gang Hypocritical (Surprise)

  1. Brian Cook Post author

    I guess THE POINT would be to ask which side of Alec’s head will the OWS French Revolution, Part Deux fall on? If they are TRULY against ALL the 1%ers, Alec’s nut would roll. Or does he get a pass?

  2. Anonymous wants to know

    I’m sorry. The point here seems incoherent in it’s logic.

    Is the logic of your underlying premise here that a handful of wealthy named individuals shared a vocal statement of support for the OWS movement? Therefore, the OWS movement is hypocritical?…….. Really?

    Not that? Okay. I’ll try again.

    Is the logic your underlying premise here that OWS is attacking all wealthy individuals but because these individuals shared vocal support for OWS…. OWS is not attacking these particular individuals. Therefore, the OWS movement is hypocritical?…….. Really-Really?

    What exactly is your point? The logic of your message here is incoherent at best and only ridiculous if given the benefit of a doubt. It’s interesting how far one must stretch logic to find a topic upon which to condemn OWS.

    1. DJ Redman Post author

      The progressive propagandist: I’m sorry. The point here seems incoherent in it’s logic.

      Dang, they got something right for once…..They just described the OWS common beggars movement to a tee!

  3. Brian Cook Post author

    OWS hypocrites??!! NAAAA!!!! If they REALLY want to be authentic, they should throw down ALL their evil corporate iPhones and designer clothes. on second thought… keep the clothes on…