What Delicious Irony: Occupy Wall Street Finally Makes a Point

By | October 23, 2011

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0 thoughts on “What Delicious Irony: Occupy Wall Street Finally Makes a Point

  1. Diane Crouse

    Wait until the have not’s in the group find out that the haves ( the general assembly has $500,000 in their coffers, I think they even have an evil Bank account ), and refused to pay for a few drums. Utopia is not possible with mere human beings. Marxist Socialism is not all it is purported to be. The selfish and greedy people will always rear their heads to take advantage of others, just like those who would steal drums in a socialist collective camp. Come on, wake up America!

  2. DJ Redman Post author

    Kinda weird how the anti-capitalists are out begging for… capital to keep their movement going. Begging is sooo much more honorific for these people than actually working a job and paying their own way.( In their own small world) Now it looks like the very leaders holding the begged-for cash are now getting GREEDY and holding out on the lower tier drummers . Aren’t they against GREED too?

  3. Don Hays

    How can things be stolen at ground -0? everything belongs to everybody, right? And btw, how many friggin drummer are there. I could outfit about 5 high school bands with full equipment for that (ok, maybe just the snare line).