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October 18th CNN Republican Debate [Full Video & Poll]

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  1. I loved the part where Ron Paul made the distinguished between divided “groups” and all-inclusive human solidarity. A brilliant strike even if a lot of folks missed.
    Scored big on his trillion-dollar deficit cut plan and foreign policy spanking of other candidates, especially in regards to the Iran hostage negotiation as precedent for diplomacy with our “enemies”.
    That’s when you realize that the choice is simple: it’s either Ron Paul, or the Dem-Rep status quo. Freedom or Debt Slavery.
    The good news, and cause to get hopeful, is that there’s a mass awakening going on. People are realizing they’ve been lied to for decades and those who’ve been saying so for years are getting bolder as a result, which can only accelerate the movement.
    Let’s pray it happens quick enough.
    Free America Now.

  2. Rafael Espericueta

    Ron Paul is the only choice among these “candidates”. What could be more obvious?! The rest are idiots and fools, and totally in the pockets of the large corporate interests that have taken over the government and the media. We are now in the midst of several wars, which are costing us trillions; indeed, they are costing us our very economy. Bring the crooks down! Occupy Wall Street, and vote for Ron Paul!! He is our last hope as a nation.

    • Rafael writes:
      “Ron Paul is the only choice among these “candidates”. What could be more obvious?!”
      One thing that’s more obvious, Rafael, is that you’re into the Kool-Aid big time.
      Ron Paul has zero chance to be POTUS, Rafael.
      You’re wasting your breath, time and vote being led along by Ron “The Pied Piper” Paul.
      Read something, Rafael. Learn. LEARN! Then get back to us.
      Meantime…go away.

      • Rafael Espericueta

        I voted for Obama, and have never voted for a republican, ever, but I would vote for Ron Paul. Republicans campaign on reducing the size of “Big Government”, but they always greatly increase government spending (vastly increasing wasteful military spending). Democrats may seem anti-war, but they too also increase military spending. Millions of democrats are fed up with all this, as are millions of republicans. Ron Paul is the answer! BOTH the democrats and republicans supported the bail out of the Wall Street crooks. If you don’t understand what happened, please educate yourself – in short, trillions of dollars have been swindled from all of us by criminal con-artists. It would be easy to miss this, since the corporate controlled media is astonishing quiet about such issues. Our government is currently completely controlled by big multinational corporations; vote for Ron Paul, to get our country back!

        • Yes.
          GOP=daddy state “be afraid we will protect you.”

          Democrats=mommy state “be afraid mommy will give you everything” and now also “be afraid we will protect you.”

        • Rafael, I understand and share you frustration with Barack Obama. He has abandoned those who voted to get him to the WH…people like you and I.
          But I don’t see how Ron Paul can possibly win the nomination. If he does and by some miracle goes on to become POTUS, he would create more gridlock in Washington than we have now. There are very few on either side of the aisle in Congress that would support much of what Ron Paul advocates. We desperately need some cool and calm there, not more turmoil.
          I respect your view. And I must say that Ron Paul has remained faithful to his core beliefs during his whole career. But I don’t think he has a chance to become POTUS and would create more problems than he’d solve if he did.

        • Let me first say I am in the military and I support Ron Paul. I don’t like his foreign policy, but at this point it does not matter. I think the 2012 election will seal our (the world) fate for bad or good. I guess the world may be coming to an end in 2012. As for Occupy Wall Street, a lot of those kids are miss guided. They call for an increase government in business and more taxes. I agree with Ron Paul during the Las Vegas debate when he said these people are the victims. But, don’t get me or him wrong. the victims are people like my father who was making $100,000 during Bush, and now has no job and is losing his house, not the ‘College Know It All Hippies’ that just feel like someone should pay for their tuition. The news has a good habit of feeding us half truths because they probably don’t know the whole story. They just report what they do know. With that being said, we should all take a middle ground to the approach, and understand that there is another half of a story, which is the government involvement in business. Again, Ron Paul brought this up during the Las Vegas Debate. Ron Paul also said let the businesses regulate themselves. We should all agree to this at some extent, i.e the government should not allow what Enron did, and this idea of ‘Mark-to-Market accounting’, along with these Investment Banks i.e Goldman Sach and Citi Group. The Government should have stayed out these failing corporations, and not have bailed them out. Understand that if they did not pass the bailed out, millions of people if not billions of people around the world would have lost their jobs. America and many other countries would have lost trillions of dollars in foreign investments, and we would still see a collapsing economy. But I agree with Ron Paul, don’t get the government involved. Eventually these corporations would stop with corrosive business practices, and start regulating themselves to prevent this from happening again ( think of it as self preservation) Rich people want to stay rich. I’m sure if the Investment banks failed we would see a lot of 1%’ers standing with the rest of us 99%’ers .

          I have seen the US $1 lose almost half its worth during Bush’s Presidency. Our money is not worth shit anymore, thank you Federal Reserve. Paper money does not mean anything to them, but 1’s and 0’s on a computer file. They do not carry paper money with the worth we carry our paper money. Up until recently I thought my dollar was actually worth something more than the paper it was printed on. Look at some news about France and 17 other European countries wanting Germany to take back its veto in the EFSF. Basically the European Union…”with support from most of the 17 euro zone states, including Italy and Spain — argues the European Financial Stability Fund should be given a banking license, allowing the fund to leverage its lending capacity by tapping almost unlimited credit from the ECB’s lending window.” So the under capitalized banks (because people are not paying off their debts) want to be able to dip into ‘unlimited credit’ so they can borrow the money they are losing from people not paying their debts… looks like the 99% is just as much to blame as the 1% also.

          Vote Ron Paul!!!… Or Newt Gingrich

      • Bk,
        One more thing,
        The fact that Ron Paul has 69% of the vote on this page, is proof enough he is not some joke.

        • Rafael-
          I’m not sure what % of the vote Paul has on this page, but I’ll accept your 69% number.
          What % do you think Paul would have at, say, HuffPost or The Nation? Media tends to attract those with similar preconceptions.
          I didn’t say Ron Paul was a joke. The Pied Piper comment was intended to prove what I just wrote above. Ron Paul is attracting those who already believe pretty much as he does. At Conservative Daily News that is likely to be a high %. Across America, his % would be much lower, probably not much above single digits.
          Ron Paul is a serious man who has not varied much from his beliefs over 30 years. And I agree that he has some good ideas. For example, his stand on not getting involved in regional disputes halfway around the world is sound. We went to Afghanistan in 2008 because al Qaeda was based there and there was clear evidence that the 9/11 perps had been trained there. We should not have expanded militarily in the ME.
          I imagine Paul as president, going about his business, trying to get support for his strict libertarian beliefs. There’s not a chance he’d succeed. There are very few in the US who would support his views on SS, Medicare, unemployment compensation, taxation, disaster relief, and other issues.

  3. Romney and Perry are about as sincere as a pedophile priest. Cain is a shill for the FED and the entrenched criminal cabal in DC. Santorum is smegma made alive. Paul has been preaching the same message year after year and FINALLY the people are waking up. Returning salary to the treasury? My God this man has principals and morals AND ethics. Why would someone like Perry, Cain or Romney need more on top of their millions/billions? Because they are greedy psychopathic liars, much like Pelosi, Feindstein and even Bloomberg.

  4. I definitely think my vote will go for Bachmann. Wait was she the annoying one that keep yelling Annnderson, Annnderson, Annnderson the whole time just to get her chance to speak when nobody had mentioned her. I think she was also the source of all the high pitched laughs that were echoed right into the microphone the whole night. I don’t think we need somebody that doesn’t have sense enough not to laugh right into a microphone, and makes outrageous accusations about the president of our country just to get a half asleep crowd to clap for her.
    As for ole Rick. Come on man. Stop calling Cain brother. You haven’t had a black friend in your life, and cat fighting with Romney isn’t going to get you votes, especially when the crowd is booing you. Come on Texans. Can’t we do better than that as our Governor. He got punked by every person there, including Bachmann. He is a joke.

  5. Go Ron Paul.
    Sound money. Sound policy.

  6. Last nights debate (Las Vegas) was one one of the worst debates I watched. I am tired of watching the candidates bicker back and forth. That kind of debate needs to be used for the final debate against Obama. You could just see how Anderson Cooper was loving this and his smerky grin. He had no control what so ever in that debate. We need a real candidate that won’t put up with this kind of nonsense and that person was Newt Gingrich. We need to serious think of which candidate can beat Obama and get this country back together. Ron Paul has some common sense, but I don’t think he can beat Obama. I see three possible candidates that have a chance 1.) Newt Gingrich, 2.) Mitt Rom Romney and 3.) Herman Cain.

    • A little Anonymous On top

      I really don’t see any of those three as being able to “out-debate” Obama. If you recall the Republican meme in the 2008 elections is that Obama only knows how to campaign and speak publicly. But televised debates don’t win elections either. Baring some absurd catastrophe, as it should be, debates give some marginal lift that can be erased quickly. That lift fades as additional information, messaging and influence accumulates after the debate’s closing commercial ad. The debate “bickering” you’d like candidates to save for the general election debates is going to be worth only “a perishable bump” for somebody.

      For the general election, what we all should be focused upon is how well candidates address the issue of “job creation” (vs. tax cuts or national debt, or electrified alligator-moat fences for example) as the issue of jobs is squarely where the concern of the American population sits waiting. No?

      None of these candidates have demonstrated capacity in that “issue” department. Perry talks about his state creating jobs under his governorship (Obama stimulus-funded jobs) out of one side of his mouth and that government does not create jobs out of the other side of his mouth. (?) That’s about it. The rest of the substance from all the candidates has been “I’m the best man for the job of creating jobs.” all empty of anything meaningful.

      Yes, these guys are all playing to conservative issues in a conservative primary. Candidates are speaking in their own interests, to become the chosen Republican candidate, pushing your emotional buttons rather than speaking to and addressing your interests. Politics. I see a slam-dunk coming for Obama’s who will dominate on the critical turf issues ~ including the country’s front-burner issue: JOBS. Regardless of primary winner, topics like “what sort of fence should it be?” will be relegated to back-burner in the general. So….which of these guys has any sort of genuine “jobs” message? The demonstrated thrust of Obama’s campaign is jobs. Wakey. Wakey.

      Demand that your GOP candidates demonstrate what they are made of in their addressing vs. avoiding jobs creation. The GOP House (no meaningful initiatives or action, but instead foot-dragging and opposition on jobs creation) has only been setting-up the shot for Obama. Cain’s Jobs plan, for example, so far seems to be perfect as a special interest corporate spokesperson: to tell 14 million people, for whom there is no job, that the shortage of jobs in this country, including 280,000 recently laid-off teachers for example, is that the country’s unemployment situation is their individual fault, so quit being lazy. Nice. I can only assume this election is going to be extremely interesting and that the dispositions of these candidates is going to fill the streets with Americans not also fighting for corporate interests ~ but for OWS.

      • A little Anonymous On top

        Just sayin… the last time conservatives ignored, and bad-mouthed, a left-wing populist movement, there was a left-wing American President who elected to four (4) consecutive terms of office. Maybe…. just maybe, that’s why Eric Cantor is suddenly talking about a mob’s incoherent message? Cantor of all people, on FOX of all places, this past weekend was actually talking about needing to do something “Income Disparity.” Go figure.

        • DearA little Anonymous On top says:
          October 19, 2011 at 2:02 pm

          Oh spare us the re-written history about past Democratic movements and the attempted fluff-job on the history of the nasty Communist Party USA, or should we say The National Socialist workers party that is in bed with the Liberal Democrats of today? Fox news of all things? Show us a lie they said this year? Ya can’t because you just bash them without even watching them, like a 5-yr old who doesn’t know when to go to the bathroom until Mommy tells them to. MSNBC on the other hand, is so full of themselves that they think the idiots of society don’t see the historic trillion dollar deficits Obama has rung up every single year in office. Grow out of the the Fox bashing and educate yourself with something other than swallowing/pimping Obama’s Marxist ideology/ and the common beggar mentality of his wealth redistribution chants.

    • Newt Gingrich, the father of NAFTA? An open borders loving, globalist, war mongering piece of scum who is owned by the Israeli Lobby, who is a filthy neo-con and a RINO slab of human garbage? Newt Gingrich, who is so subservient to the murderous, war mongering agenda for the psychopaths who run Israel – immediately jumped in front of the first TV camera he could, trying to milk that latest Israeli phony and manufactured ‘Iran assassination plot’ which was just one more trick, in a long line of other failed attempts, to snooker the USA to starting YET ANOTHER INSANE AND CRIMINAL WAR against Iran for the benefit of Israel? Are you out of your freaking mind, Bruce? Oh wait, and let’s not forget that Newt Gingrich, father of NAFTA and fully in favor of every one of these treasonous ‘free trade’ agreements which are causing millions of decent paying, middle-class jobs and the industries which provided those jobs to be outsourced and off-shored to third world nations which pay slave wages – and which is destroying the middle class in America, a clear ACT OF RAW TREASON against his own nation – well, it gets better. Newt wants to make Puerto Rico a State, because that brainless idiot seems to think that Puerto Rico is chocked full of conservative republican voters? I’ll tell what Newt Gingrich deserves: He deserves to be arrested for treason, put on trial – with his jury consisting of 12 men and women who’s jobs were lost and who’s lives were destroyed by NAFTA or any one of these other treasonous free trade policies that this rat has promoted – and tried for treason, and using this guys voting record, swiftly convicted and then awarded the death penalty – which is still prescribed for Treason, if I recall.

      Newt Gingrich is a piece of treasonous, globalist garbage.

      • TSK TSK- Clinton signed NAFTA into law after BOTH Democratic-controlled Houses of Congress passed it.

        Read up Paulie kids:


        NAFTA was a piece of legislation that was unprecedented in its scope and economic consequences as it conferred dictatorial powers of implementation to the executive branch of government without any congressional oversight whatsoever. Moreover, NAFTA established secret working groups that are publicly funded, totally unaccountable to anyone and they operate off the radar of congressional and public scrutiny.

        NAFTA passed in both houses of Democratically controlled Congress in 1993. In the Senate, it passed with 61 yeas and 38 nays. In the House, it was much closer at 234 yeas to 200 nays. The Republicans in the House really came through for Clinton by providing 132 Yeas to counter 156 Democratic nays. Still, 40% of the Democrats in the House voted for NAFTA.

        The vote itself is more than a bit intriguing. Many of NAFTA’s congressional supporters ended up presidential candidates or high ranking congressional and government officials. On the Senate side, the big name Democratic who voted for NAFTA include Bill Bradley, Tom Daschle, Christopher Dodd, Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry and Joe Biden. All of these Democrats had made various bids for the presidency or vice presidency of the United States (Ted Kennedy’s presidential bid was squashed when he let an innocent woman drown). Interestingly, big name NAFTA supporting Republicans include John McCain, Bob Dole (defeated by Clinton), Mitch McConnell (current Senate Minority Leader) and many other Republicans in Congress were none too eager to assist Bill Clinton in the sellout of the American worker.

        And of course big named progressive Republicans has their part in it.
        On the House side, NAFTA supporters included big name GOPers as Dennis Hastert, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, John Boehner, Newt Gingrich and Ron Portman, all of whom rose to leadership positions in the House or the Bush Administration. Democrat Nancy Pelsoi, who voted yes on NAFTA, ended up Speaker of the House.

        YES NAFTA was a big-ass mistake. So was voting for a hope n change Marxist in 2008.However, neither of those facts makes Ron Paul a viable candidate for POTUS in 2012.

        • You do not remember that vomit inducing image of Clinton, Dole, and Gingrich all up on stage dancing the mariachi, celebrating and smirking to the TV cameras, when NAFTA got passed? You do not recall how Rush Bimbo used his radio show to demonize Buchanan and Perot and anyone else in the America First community who correctly and ACCURATELY predicted that this treasonous legislation and subsequent others which were soon to also be enacted – would lead to a great sucking sound of jobs and industries leaving America for the slave wage Third World countries?

          Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that is reported to help improve memory skills. Obviously, you haven’t heard of this natural herb.

    • Obama= pro war, pro banker bailout, pro torture (gitmo still open for torture)

      Ron Paul= against all of those.

      “If we’re going to have bailouts we should bailout the individuals with loans and not the lenders.”
      Ron Paul. Quote from Oct 18 CNN debate.

  7. It will NOT let us VOTE FOR RON PAUL……….. IS this thing FIXED ??????????

    RON PAUL 2012

  8. I think if the Media would give Ron Paul the same time they give the other runners anyone with a brain and some common sence would be sold on his plan to get us back on our feet. The others are simply the same thing we have in Washington right now, selfish, egotistical criminals. We need to get the news papers to show him and mention him also. I think they are afarid of him but they are cheating the publics right to know more about him. Cowards all. Go Ron Paul

  9. It all comes down to a simple question. Are you selfish or selfless? Tough decisions have to be made in order to get this country back on track. We’ve dug in too far to come out of this unscathed. The decisions needed to be made will hurt everyone, including the 1%. When we’re ready to do the right thing to balance our budget and pay off debt, our lifestyle will regress for a time. The longer we wait the worse it will be. The question is, are we willing to bare this ourselves or continue to limp along until our children or grandchildren are forced to deal with it? Are we willing to vote for Ron Paul or someone else?

  10. Ron Paul all the way, the only one who offers a real change and the only one who can defeat Obama, why? BECAUSE RON PAUL IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHERS AND MAKES SENSE.

    • I agree if we want change… The FIRST thing we need to do is Bring our troops HOME!!! and shrink the size and control of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT… they are telling us what to do with every aspect of our lives…. IGNORING the CONSTITUTION… I Support ……….. RON PAUL ……….2012

      Give us back our freedom