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0 thoughts on “Obama and Carter Halloween

  1. Lee Nahas

    anonymous just proved the point!! Libs never understand the content!! how can they function with such thinking skewered ?

    1. A.F.Branco

      Lee, they don’t… They have turned that over to idea/concept that history has proven fails every time it’s tried..
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Just Ed

    Annonymous needs to lighten up. Probably a stealth Obama supported. GREAT CARTOON, Tony!!

  3. Annonymous

    I am not an Obama supporter, but I don’t like this cartoon at all!! I don’t see any humor in it and this can almost be taken as a death threat against him—at least that’s how I take it. Please remove this picture!!

    1. Brian Cook

      are you serious? a death threat?? PUT…. THE KOOL-AID…..DOWN!!!!