Obama, a Hollow Vision of America

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  • “True Conservatives are finally reclaiming their party, but certainly haven’t retaken it yet. In spite of Tea Party opposition to the establishment, the Grand Old Party maintains control over who will get the nomination, and that means Mitt Romney will probably win.”
    Therefore, true Conservatives must stand up against the “establishment”. If Romney wins the election, the path toward renewing America will be set back at least four years, if not more. Like during the 2008 election, the idea of having McCain as president was repulsive, as the status quo would essentially be maintained, which has historically trended toward liberalism. Any setbacks to a “moderate” Republican would quickly be seen as a failure of Conservatism as a whole, and people would again be drawn toward the dangerous socialist ideas espoused by the Democrat Party, just like what happened toward the end of the Bush years. Despite the massive damage a second Obama term would be, for people to see resulting disaster could prove a much better catalyst to bring the country back to the Right than a president seen by the media as a “conservative”, but in actually is just a liberal wearing a traditionally conservative name.
    The day of reckoning is coming, and the best informed, best prepared will be victorious.