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Nov. 8th, 2011: Historic Ballot Vote to be Held in Ohio

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  1. Here is an update to the National big labor groups who are funding Ohio’s fight to get it’s budget under control.

    Are They Ohio? National Labor Orgs Fund Anti-Reform Union Front Group


    This is a national battle for elected officials to be able to do the job they were elected to do. Vote yes on issue 2 in Ohio!

  2. And I will say again, there was a time when being in a union was good for America’s workers. But remember this, unionism is basically created by Communists, and the way it manifests itself is the union calls the membership’s asking for more money in pay, “collective barganing” the “collective” is the mass of workers, or the masses. Anything “collective” in Communist-speak is there is no individuals only the mass, the whole bunch, everyone in the group. Collective anything means Communism. The other part of how the Communist comes through in all unions is, the leadership of the union tells the workers, the collective, that the company owners are making to much money and they should, and here’s what we are hearing from Communists in the Occupier’s in New York, “SHARE” more of what they have with the workers. So the union leaders give management a list of “demands”. On the list are demands for more pay, more benefits, more time off, less work if it is outside of exactly what the man was hired to do.

    LIke when I was working, I was a welder. If the cable was cut preventing me from being able to weld, I went to the cabinet and got the repair tools out and fixed the cable so I could go to work. Simple, huh? Well if I were in a union I could not repair that welding cable because since it’s attached to the welding machine, the union considers that cable “electrical”. Electrical is how I do my job. Welding IS an electrical process. Without electricity I can’t do “electric welding” and I would need to go get some other kinds of welding equipment to do something other than electric welding. Why wouldn’t I repair the very cable that enable’s me to do my work. But that is not how unions look at it. They go the other way towards the machine and call it electrical work, which I’m not supposed to be qualified to do. See, unions have to have everything broken down into tiny little parts, so they can be “accurate” when they talk about something. Of course that’s just BS, but that’s how unions deal with different things.

    The union doesn’t believe that fixing that cable is in my ” job description” so I can’t fix that cable, I have to go get the “electrician” and have him come over to my area and fix that cable that wouldn’t take me five minutes to fix so I could go back to work. But the electrician is busy doing something else and will come over to my area later on and fix my cut cable. I may have to wait two hours or more before he can come to fix something I could fix in five minutes. So the job I’m working on has two or more hours added to how long it will take to complete because you have to figure in all the wasted time waiting for someone whose job it is to fix my welding cable.

    What that is, is STUPID!!! And that is what I told the union organizer when he came over to me and got onto me about fixing something that wasn’t my job, but I told him that everything in the area where my job responsibility is, is my responsibility to repair. I told him if it isn’t that way, then he had better assign an electrician to me so that if anything happens he can repair it so that I loose as little time as possible. He said he couldn’t do that. I told him, “Well then, I guess I had better get to fixing this cable before I loose any more time on the job.” He huffed off.

    That is what Ohioans are fighting against. They are fighting for the right to do things themselves so that somebody else doesn’t have to be called to do it for us. That is how liberals, Socialist, and Communists believe everything should be, even the government. Now do you see why it takes so long to complete government jobs that are solely unionized jobs? I strongly support Ohioan’s in their effort to free themselves from the union death grip, and pay these lazy people what they are worth. Make they fix their own things like we all have to do all the time, and we don’t get anything extra for just doing our job like we were hired to do!