Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR Caught on Video Organizing Occupy Orlando

By | October 23, 2011

The United West investigative team recently went to the Occupy Orlando protests to try to understand just what the protesters were trying to achieve there. What they stumbled upon was quite informative, as you can tell by the following video:

This “Terror Alert” video will detail some “dots” that need connecting, in order to see the complete picture of what may be a move by a Muslim activist to take over control of “Occupy Orlando,” in the “spirit of the Arab Spring.”




For those of you whom are not familiar with Mr. Shayan Elahi , he is a Muslim activist lawyer who represented the father of the young Muslim girl in Ohio who ran away from home because she believed her parents would kill her for converting to Christianity. (Rifqa Bary) The United West folks know Mr. Elahi well, as they have had numerous confrontations with him before concerning. the Rifqa Bary case and attempts to install Sharia law into the United States judicial system.

The United West team sums up the Muslim Brotherhood’s involvement in Occupy Orlando event as follows:

Once we watched Shayan Elahi in action, running around, signing up speakers, providing direction, telling people what to do, we started to connect the dots to the stated Face Book Mission Statement of “Occupy Orlando,” which reads, “…we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America.

So, here we have a Muslim attorney who collaborated with the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the Rifqa Bary case, the same CAIR that is an unindicted co-conspirator, the same CAIR that is HAMAS, the same HAMAS that was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huge hat tip to The United West team for exposing these facts about the Occupy Wall Street sister group, Occupy Orlando, whose protests  are being run by a Muslim brotherhood lawyer-activist. United West has vowed to continue to expose the Muslim brotherhood’s involvement in the Occupy Wall Street/ Occupy Orlando protests. Where is the Florida/ National media on this? They simply refuse to report on the fact that we see right on Video evidence of The Muslim Brotherhood taking over/organizing the Occupy Orland0 protests to turn it into an Egypt-style Arab Spring. (Picture at left is of Mohammed el-Baradei visiting the Muslim Brotherhood office in ..Cairo Egypt.) What say you Fox13 here in Florida? How about anyone in the media reporting on this  huge news story?






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2 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR Caught on Video Organizing Occupy Orlando

  1. WillofLa

    A terrorist organization is going to “restore Democracy in America”? Firstly, America never was a Democracy. America is a Constitutional Representative Republic. That means the American people are free and control the government by electing their own representatives to go to Washington to do their bidding. This is a rough description. A Democracy is where people elect representatives who go to Washington and do whatever they believe is best for the direction they are being led to move the country. If it goes Socialist, it goes Socialist. But once it’s Socialist it’s not a Democracy anymore. What usually happens in a Democracy is it becomes an Orleacrchy where a handful of men make all the decisions and the others just do what they say. That is basically what a Democracy is anyway. So this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But most people when they think about what America is they believe it’s a Democracy because the people vote their own representatives who run the government.

    But, these people need to be run out of the country. Do you know that CAIR sits on the committee that makes decisions for the Homeland Security Department? Janet Nepolitano tells these terrorists what we are doing in order to protect the country from terrorists. CAIR just turns around and goes tell Al Quaeda and Hamas and Hezbolah what we’re about to do so they can make corrections in their plans on the attack they are preparing for us.

    Can you believe that a political party we vote for, pay taxes to, allow to take our rights and freedoms away from us, is helping our enemies to prepare the attacks they will be acting upon this nation which will kill millions of American’s? Can you imagine that there are people who think that there is no way their political party would do such a thing as hand us over to our enemy? How is it that people in this country are so asleep that they cannot wake up in time to understand what it is that their party has done to this nation? Their party is the one that has given all these banks laws which protect their interest while they do all this stuff that makes them so filthy rich that they could easily pay off all the unfunded liabilities the government has? 65 Trillion dollars!! They could get the country out of debt in one minute!! And turn right around and make all that money right back. It may not be as much, but they could come close to it in a very short period of time. They wouldn’t even have to sell anything they own, just take out their money from their bank and give it to the government making sure they spent it on what they’re supposed to and pay off all the debt the government has. Wouldn’t that be great??

    CAIR needs to be arrested, revoke any citizenships there are, and deport all of them back to the middle east. The leadership and their subordinates need to be put out of the country and bannned from ever coming back in, and that includes their children and grandchildren as well. And I don’t much care that their kids or grandkids didn’t have anything to do with supporting terrorist organizations. We need more young men flying B-52s and bomb these “Islamlands” there are around the country until there is nothing left of them.

  2. mary sunflower

    This is a most interesting “N” informative sight , glad I stumbled upon it today , should have found it a long time. Thank you for all your work , will visit daily “N” I’m sure will learn a whole lot from you. Bless You..Sincerely Mary Sunflower on FaceBook..CYA L8R , By By ..

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