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Lesbian Couple Gives Son Hormone Therapy:Says He is Transgender Child

Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel are a lesbian couple living in California with their two sons.  Maybe.  The couple’s youngest child is an 11-year-old boy named Thomas, but Thomas doesn’t want to be a boy.  Thomas wants to be a girl.  So the Moreno-Lobel’s did what any normal parent would do – they began giving Thomas hormone treatments to delay the onset of puberty until he is old enough to fully “transition” into a female through surgery, if he so chooses.  In the meantime, Thomas lives as Tammy, and prefers it that way.

The couple says their son (who has developmental issues with speech and communication) began telling them he was a girl at age 3, and started mutilating his genitals at 7.  Being aware of the 50% suicide rate among “transgender” youth, the women believe that helping Thomas become a girl earlier might spare him the pain of dealing with the choice as an adult. Says Moreno, “What is so frightening to me is that you would be willing to say “no” just because you don’t like it – even though your child could lose their life?”.

The couple says they will continue to give Thomas his hormone blockers to delay puberty until he is old enough to decide (14-15, in their opinion) if he wants to continue life as a boy.  Doctors warn that there could be severe long term medical issues from giving a growing child such new and controversial drug therapies, and compare it to allowing an undeveloped child to undergo cosmetic surgery. Read more about Thomas and his mothers here and here.

As a mother I find the whole thing disgusting and disturbing.  The couple has had Thomas in “transgender therapy” and their entire community in the San Francisco (of course) area has been supportive.  With absolutely no one in his life to help him even consider that this might be a mental illness Thomas has no alternative but accept that he wants to be a girl.  Do these mothers realize that children are physically incapable of making informed decisions for themselves?  Research shows that the area of the brain that controls impulse and reasoning abilities is not fully developed until at least the age of 25.  That is why you can’t rent a car in this country by yourself if you are under 25.  Even rental companies understand that you don’t let small children make big decisions.  The Moreno-Lobel family may very well be condemning their son to the suicidal feelings they are trying to avoid.  It is not far-fetched to believe that he may come to the realization as an adult that he, indeed, is a man.  By then it may be too late and one can only imagine the torment of that life.

Another thing to consider is that the very nature of their family could be what is causing Thomas his problems in the first place.  While not always the case, delay in speech development in children often indicates trauma at home.  Could it be that Thomas is not fully comfortable with having two mothers and no father?  What do the women tell Thomas about men and women?  Does their anger toward male sexuality come across on a daily basis to their young son?  Perhaps Thomas sees his two mothers as the most important people in the world to him and naturally wants to be like them,  not different from them.  Psychiatrist and Fox News Contributor Keith Ablow says, “Obviously, when two females adopt a male child, then assert that the child is not actually male, but is, instead, actually a female — like both of them. Everyone in the family should be psychologically evaluated in a comprehensive way before a step like gender reassignment is considered”.

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The whole idea of gender reassignment is an aberration.  It is nothing more than a form of mutilation.  One cannot change creation.  You cannot change what you were created to be.  Proof?  If Chastity (Chaz) Bono commits a murder and DNA is found at the scene, it will come back belonging to a woman.  You can cut off your breast or your penis and stop hair from growing on your face, but you can’t change your DNA.  You can’t!

My mother’s heart  grieves for Thomas.  He needs someone to step in and stand up for him; to tell his sadly deficient mothers that he is screaming for help, not breasts.  They are robbing him of his health, and the chance to fulfill a destiny and purpose that most certainly is connected to his gender.   Being gay doesn’t make you objective.  Its not some magical lifestyle that makes you more intelligent or informed than the other 99% of America.  Its possible to be gay and be totally delusional.  I believe that is the case for Moreno and Lobel.  For them, the idea that Thomas may actually be sick is to admit that their “modern” family isn’t as picture-perfect as they would like others to believe.  Be it because there is no father in the home, because they are gay, or simply because they are just regular parents like the rest of us who sometimes make mistakes with our kids, this couple is raising a confused child.  Rather than admit their whole family needs help they have decided to condemn Thomas to a life of confusion in what will already be the most perplexing time of his life – puberty.  The Moreno-Lobels have selfishly chosen to use their son’s pain to make a political statement.  Its disgusting and disturbing and I have no doubt that when we follow up with Thomas in 20 years we will find a deeply conflicted and depressed young person, barring a miracle.  A child is not a social experiment.  A child is a child and should be treated as such.


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  1. This is not a transgender child. A transgender should never get hormones or surgery. This is a transsexual girl wrongly born with boy parts. Female name and pronouns are correct, and it is immoral and wrong for the press to out her old name or her birth defect. I don’t know what Kira Davis’s agenda is to lump those with the birth defect of transsexualism in with the recreational choice or twistedness of transgenderism. Very few boys under 12 are transgendered. The very young ones that know they are girls since age 4 have the birth defect of transsexualism.

    • First, being born a boy or girl, is not a birth defect.
      This child has been labeled and raised surrounded by women who make him think being a boy is wrong or evil. This is pro lune with gays raising kids, they turn them gay or confused..you can argue different all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact…you tell a boy who plays with dolls, likes pink and likes dressing like his mommy( an commen thing for kids to do) that it means he is gay, then he will think he is gay. Boys raised with hour a father have enough issues, but to be raised in a home hostile to straight men and with two moms…is even worse!
      I have seen people turn their kids gay, all to commen an concordance with gay couples. A old friend raised her first daughter mostly in married relationship (man) and then divorced, she then had anouther child and after went gay, she raised the second child in gay relationship, two mommies for her..the first daughter is straight and married, the second is gay!

  2. WOW, Kira, what a courageous article..Not sure how I missed it the first time around. “Gender” discussions are dyn-o-mite, as mazny of the comments bear out…..UNLIKE Nathan et all, I read & re-read your commentary as a ..as a MOTHER concerned with the possible “CHILD ABUSE” of an 11 year old…Not necessarily as an ‘anti’ anything.

    Whatever the situation…If any adult witnesses what they see as child abuse & does not speak up, that adult is as guilty as the one inflicting the pain both mental & physical….

    Kudos, my friend

    • The article makes horrific assumptions because on the authors distrust of homosexuals. If she actually knew anything about transgender people and their experience, she would not write an article full of ignorance pretending to be a mother with an aching heart. There r plenty of heterosexual parents of transgender children in the media having this exact same experience. The author assumes its a problem because the parents are gay. She makes many statements that this is not true, but why else would she have chosen this family over someone like Jazz who comes from a “normal” Christian family.

      • Nathan, we all have opinions & 1st Amendment rights…We do not have to agree, I maintain that is any adult suspects a child is being abused by a parent of ANY status, it is their responsibility to report it….sexual lifestyle choice has nothing to do with it!!!!
        Over 35 years ago, I was staying in a kitchenet motel while looking for work, the walls were ‘thin’. Late at nite I could hear a child crying & occassionally scream & a man telling her to shut up, The voice was muffleds & shortly it stopped. The alarms went off, but what the heck, I wasn’t going to be thre but a couple of days….so I remained silent, About a week later The news reported that a 6yr old at that address had died from suffication & sexual abuse……With the courage to report & unafraid to to ‘risk’ involvement, to this day I wonder if I am just a little guilty…

        I do NOT want to change your mind, just explain why I feel all suspect abuse needs reporting.

        • Then I think you have to trust that if this family is exposing themselves to so much attention and investigation the child is not being abused. I feel people don’t understand that their conclusion that this child is being abused is based in not being familiar with the issue. These r gods people having a genuine experience. This has nothing to do with satan. The over judgement of others is what has led to the current loss of faith in god. I can not judge anyone until I have had their experience. And even then I can’t judge. And I understand that some of these comments r just random thoughts, but their r others who this issue inspires so much judg

      • I am a transsexual who opposes transgenderism. Transsexuals need hormones and surgery. Transgenders need other help. Of course, Mr. Kira Davis did a fine job of libeling this transsexual girl as a transgender boy in drag who will keep his penis for life and use it.

        I am a transsexual who refuses the TG label. I consider most TGism to be recreational, libido-driven, or unnecessary. I support reassignment while young for transsexuals and never for transgenders. It is child abuse to raise a transsexual girl as a transgender pervert boy in a dress. If a girl was born wrongly with boy parts instead of girl parts, do your darnedest to hide that and just raise them as a girl. Ushering a TS girl into the TG/queer community is among the worst child abuse and spiritual violation you can do to a person.

    • Anyone who lumps TS girls (born wrongly with a penis instead) in with TGs (pervert boys who choose to dress up and keep their male parts for life for either gay male sex while in a dress, or pseudo “lesbian” sex with a kinkster woman) is nobody’s friend.

      A “MtF” TG man in drag is supposed to have the penis he was born up and should be banned from ever pretending to be a “woman.” A MtF TS woman was supposed to be born with a vagina and full female parts but was robbed of those. TSism is a birth defect, TGism is a perversion.

      Those too stupid to tell TSs who deserve rights from TGs who don’t deserve special rights should check out this blog I found:


      I have nothing to do with that blog, and it is hard to follow in places.

      • Jennifer, My comments were to defend anyone that geuinely suspects (any) child is being abused who reports it. “Then” it’s up to authorities to determine. I am not knowledgable of the issues you discuss, but know full well the pain endured when (actual) abuse is taking place & that alone was the only issue I wanted to address.

  3. I can’t understand how people can make these hateful comments. I have to assume that you’ve never known a transgender person or child. I am the proud heterosexual parent of a transgender 7 year old. Before my beautiful child was born I had no idea about the complexity of gender. Gender is not what’s between ones legs. Fascinating subject if u r interested. It amazes me when people express so much anger over something they have no experience or understanding of. I have met many parents of transgender people. The percentage of gay to straight parents is no different than the percentage of gay to straight people. The writer of the article states that 50% of transgender youth attempt suicide and this child was mutilating her genitals. Transgender and gay youth have the highest rates of homelessness and drug abuse. This is directly related to a lack of acceptance and feeling of isolation. Transgender and gay youth who r accepted by there families grow up to be as confident happy as other children. I am almost positive these women r not pushing this child into this. This is a difficult and painful experience. I’ve never met anyone who took this lightly. It’s confusing and painful and gay parents r under much more scrutiny than hetero parents. Children need love and understanding. Transgenderism can not be taught out of someone. The negative comments on here r so overly simplistic. Look up Wayne Maines. Conservative father of twins. One transgender one not. Good writer and speaker. Transgender advocate.
    As far as how these women r handling this? From what I can tell they r doing what a parent who loves their child would do. Hormone blockers do nothing permanent and can be stopped at any time. They r also used for children with precocious puberty. A person can’t have a sex change until they r 18. If someone feels they r the opposite sex from 3-18 I think they might be pretty sure of this. Transgender people r not doing this for the fun of it. They r not taking this lightly. They r doing this for their mental and emotional well being. I can’t really figure out why it’s anyone’s business anyway. People seem to take things that they don’t understand, that makes them uncomfortable and use it as a vent for their anger. Transgender people have been recorded in history for thousands of years. It is only recently that they r getting the courage to come out. I have talked to many older transgender people who lived most of their lives in a state of fear and depression, because they couldn’t express themselves the way they felt for fear for there safety( hi rates of transgender murder) and fear of persecution by people who don’t understand. But they have paved the way for my child to have a chance of a happy safe life as the gender that she feels and is. If any of the anti transgender commenters on here r actually interested in understanding the issue there is a ton of info out there. I would also suggest actually talking to someone who is transgender about there experience before u start casting blame and judgement.

    • You are a very stupid woman to say such things! There is not such thing as TRANSGENDER! If you knew anything about Satan, you would know that he is trying to confuse that child and those women are not helping. That fact that you would believe a 7 year old when they say they’re transgender is horrifying. People like you are horrible parents. All you are doing is helping psychologically scaring your child for life. If you had a relationship with God, you would find all of this infuriating. YOU ARE ONLY HURTING THIS CHILD. A 7 year old cannot make a logical judgment, especially on something that important. Stupid people like you have no business being parents. All of so-called support is only encouraging this kind of behavior.Id like to personally thank you for possibly permanently scarring your child for life.

      • And how is it u know this? I’ve heard all these silly arguments before. Do u know any transgender people? If I wanted a child with a 50% chance of committing suicide I’d take your advice. My child is very happy, which wasn’t the case before. I can understand your reaction. I too never would have thought this was ok before Silas was born. Not sure why you’re so angry about it. I meet people thy say the exact same things as u and it always ends up being a case of not actually understanding the issue. It makes people uncomfortable and they vent it as disgust and anger. My step father was the same way, but over time came to see that this was the absolute best most loving thing we could do for Silas. Please don’t worry about her. She has so much love and support in her life, and will only pass this on to the world around her. A couple other points. Not sure why u think I’m a woman since my name is Nathan. Women tend to be much more supportive in this area, but there r men too. Although most of the fathers in these kids lives have completely written them off. Pretty emotionally scarring. Lack of acceptance is why transgender people have such high eyes of suicide. Also, most of us in this community have a very close relationship with God. Not sure what your god teaches, but ours is full of love and support do our child. I wish u the best, but try not to get so angry about things u don’t have any experience of.

        • Love,yes,but he is also clear on what is right and what is sin.

          • And he says this is a sin? Does Jesus say this is sin? Why would god have created hemaphrodites if gender variance is a sin. I am so saddened by people’s use of their personal interpretations of the bible to judge others. Especially in the hateful way that people on this feed have. I’m pretty sure that Jesus would consider this judgement more of a sin than letting people express themselves as the opposite gender than they r biologically.

    • Is your child really a TG (pervert male who plays dress up and keeps his precious penis for life) or a transsexual (born with a mainstream, non-LGBT feminine nature and in need of eventual hormones and surgery)? If they are a TG, you should be ashamed of yourself for capitulating to this illness. If she is a TS (whom you should never refer to as a TS or a TG, just your daughter), then you are doing the right thing. Just shelter her from LGBTs and expose her only to feminine influences from real girls. TG culture damages and destroys TS girls.

      • I don’t really understand what you’re talking about. Gender doesn’t have all that much to do with sex. My child isn’t sexual. She’s 7. I’m not sure why you’re so angry about transgender people. Did something happen? I don’t understand why people think this is perversion. I think you’re confusing it with some sort of transvestism fetish. Transgenderism is not about sex. Same sex coupling is not a perversion either. Sex is only a small part of the life of a same sex couple. Why do people always make it about sex and perversion. That’s what seems to me to be the psychological disorder n

  4. I’m sorry, but all of you who agree with this woman are disgusting me.

    As parents, these ladies are doing EXACTLY what good parents should do. I mean, really, if Tammy began multilating her own genitals, you know something’s up. She was born in the wrong body, and her awesome moms are doing what they can to let her be happy with herself. Unlike what any of you are thinking, Tammy is 100% human being, no more, no less, just like we all are.
    Also, the fact that her parents are lesbians has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. Tammy was born like this, and her parents being to lesbians is no contributing factor, or anything.
    In my opinion, Tammy’s moms are doing the right thing.

    If you don’t like what I’m saying, feel absolutely free to contact me.
    [email protected]

    • Aangel, you are a stupid, ignorant woman(Thats the clean version. first of all, TWO PEOPLE of THE SAME GENDER, CANNOT BE GOOD PARENTS. I dont care how LOVING they are, Then are hurting their kids. You cannot be born in the WRONG BODY idiot because GOD doesnt make mistakes!!! people like you DISGUST ME!

  5. After reading these comments I find it interesting that according the commenters anyone who doesn’t agree with LGBT worldview is either stupid, uneducated or a conservative nut-job. The arrogance is somewhat shocking. It seems the same mindset that believes that teaching young school children in California about gay and lesbian issues will somehow make them more competitive with Chinese or Indian students.

    Is it scientific certainty that LGBT people are born with these tendencies? Is it the same as being born African or Asian? Is it a genetic certainty based on a set of specific genes codes? I don’t believe I seen the supporting genetic research.

    It seems that the US is now overly fixated on LGBT issues. Especially when we have some many other huge problems to deal with right now.

  6. First of all I am not a christian, but I do believe in Almighty God. I read and practice the old testament. I do not believe God make mistakes. If he wanted someone to be a certain sex he would have made them that way. When I see a man get another man pregnant or even two male lions or two female rhinos mating then maybe I’ll question my religious belief. As far as people born with the same sex, who knows maybe they are the rare people that has the option of living both worlds. Everyone isn’t born with pyschic abilities. To be fair… this is only my opinion. As far as child adoption goes I do feel that a child should be in a father and mother setting, but society doesn’t make it that way. And besides, it’s too many foster children who needs a home to be concerned about the sexuality of the adopted parents. I know straight couples that have made horrible adopting parents. Some foster children are adopted by single parent homes. So I give my thumbs up to any person, straight or gay, who are willing to give a child a safe home. These two women should not be allowed around ANY child!!! Even if they were straight I would feel the same way. It is against the law to give a child adult cold medicine and they give this child hormone injections??? If they allow their son to be gay it’s not much anyone can do but give their opinion. It’s straight households that are faced with that situation and to allow your child to live life gay is not breaking any man written law… but to go to the extreme that this women are going to is sick!!! There actions has male bashing lesbo written all over it. Child Services should pick that child up and place him in a safe home.

    • And NO I do not believe all lesbians are men haters, no matter what my religious faith is. A lesbian relative (butch) adopted my cousin (male) years ago and did a great job as a single parent. If my co usin wanted to be gay I believe she would have supported him… no matter what me or any other straight relative would have thought, that would have been their household business. I know she wouldn’t have ever giving her son hormone theraphy being a minor. She has a parents love and would never indanger her child like that. Fact is if she wouldn’t have took him in he would went to strangers… no “straight” relatives would take him in. She loved him and did a good job raising him (with him being mentally challenged). These two women are sick and need help. They are no worst than the doctor in question in Michael Jackson’s death. Anyone who supports this abuse is sick also!

      • so . . . the fact that the child was mutilating or threatening to mutilate their gentials means absolutely nothing in this?

        • That proves they are a normal, non-LGBT girl born wrongly with TSism, not a transgender boy pretending to be a girl as Kira slanders her to be.

    • I urge you to open yourself to Christ…he is the only real way to salvation and to being right with God.

  7. deleted due to profanity

  8. Transgender occurence rates are somewhere between 1:1,500 – 1:4,500 (estimated). With the rising rates of gay/lesbian adoption, it was simply a matter of time.

    I can tell some people were sitting there waiting for something to wring their hands over. Two ‘dykes’ corrupted and filled their ‘male’ child’s head with propaganda.

    Just do a simple google search for papers, and you’ll see this is a lot more complex than a ‘perceptual’ issue. Just google:
    “Male-to-Female Transsexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus”
    “Regional gray matter variation in male-to-female transsexualism.”
    “The microstructure of white matter in male to female transsexuals”

    Overall the differences are hard to pinpoint a single cause for, but the raw consistency with which they are observed, and the related phenomena of oddities in gender (which are far more prevalent than most people realize) suggest the story is a lot more complex than a binary ‘male 100% or female 100%.’

    The fact of the matter is it is almost certainly biological, has shown little-no responsiveness to purely psychological treatment, and despite heavy stigmatization hits across the board – a reasonably even crossection of our population (rich, poor, black, white, geographical boundaries, none seem to correlate to incidence rates). The only consistent factor is that transgender people average 40 IQ points (two standard deviations) above the normal populace

    • You conflate TGism with TSism. TSism is a birth defect. That TS study you quote validates TSism and invalidates the choice of transgenderism. Only use TS to refer to non-LGBTs who were born with a birth defect needing surgery and hormones. Us TG to refer to gender variant men who lie and pretend to be women and keep their precious intact penises for life. After surgery, a TS is cured and is just a woman (or man if FtM). But a TG should never get the surgery since it would be mutilation for him.

    • Transsexualism is biological, transgenderism is all perversion and choice. Using the unrelated condition of TSism to excuse and justify the choice of transgenderism is reprehensible. Such baiting and switching is dishonest.

      As for the Lesbianism, they have to ruin her by raising her as a TG boy who pretends he is a girl rather than as a normal girl without any LGBT exposure (beyond that the real mother and the real mother’s homosexual paramour exert already). She also needs healthy male influences in her life. A lesbian home is not much better than a single parent home, though I must admit it might be slightly more stable.

  9. Um, no. I hope you are not breeding that sort of closed-minded hatred in your children.
    Lesbians do not hate nor have anger towards male sexuality, they SIMPLY PREFER THEIR OWN GENDER.

    we all have preferences. do you go dating any cismale out there, or do you prefer a certain type? SAME DIFFERENCE.

    shut up, sit down, and get off the internet with your hatred

  10. deleted due to profanity